GW2 Contractually Obligated achievement guide

Contractually Obligated achievement guide with detailed walkthrough and screenshots. Continue reading

GW2 Meta Event Karka Queen is NOT yet active

According to Robert Hrouda, ArenaNet’s Content Designer, the Meta Event Karka Queen is not yet active on the island, until next week:   Yes. The Meta event and Karka Queen world boss will be a permanent event added to Southsun, … Continue reading

GW2 Unbreakable Consortium Harvesting Sickle

  With the latest GW2 Game Update – Last Stand at Southsun new items are available at Black Lion Trading Company, and one of them is Unbreakable Permanent Harvest Sickle for 800 Gems. Invented to survive the Southsun Seas, this … Continue reading

GW2 Patch Notes May 28th

GW2 Flame and Frost: Last Stand at Southsun patch notes bring out new Instances, Achievements, Guild Content, features and more.   Last Stand at Southsun Help Inspector Kiel track down Canach, the villain behind the increased animal aggression and the … Continue reading