Path of Fire Mounts – Springer, Raptor, Skimmer, Jackal

Mounts in Path of Fire are a new addition to Guild Wars 2. They’re pretty important, considering that they’re necessary for completing puzzles, not just faster travelling. Every mount is unique, in that they have their individual skills which can aid you go places that you couldn’t without them. There are four mounts to find; the raptor, the skimmer, the jackal, and the springer. Every one of them can be upgraded with Path of Fire Mastery Points. Getting the mounts, though, can prove to be tricky, so we’ll tell you how to get Path of Fire raptor, skimmer, jackal, and springer mounts.

Path of Fire Mounts - Springer, Raptor, Skimmer, Jackal

GW2 Raptor Mount

The raptor is pretty easy to get, because the game will basically hand it to you. Pretty much right after the prologue, the game will prompt you to talk to Aksim, and you’ll get the raptor mount. Although you’ll get your raptor easily, your first mount is pretty important. You’ll want to use Path of Fire Mastery Points you get in the early game to upgrade the raptor. That’s because you’ll need it in order to unlock further mounts.

How to get Springer Mount in Path of Fire?

In order to unlock the Springer mount, you’ll have to reach the Canyon Jumping ability, by investing Mastery Points into the raptor. As the name of the skill implies, it will allow you to leap across a larger area. Once you reach unlock Canyon Jumping, you need to head over to Desert Highlands. West of Auburn Hills, there’s a huge canyon. Jump over it and keep pushing west until you reach the Springer Village. Talk to the breeder and complete the Golden Hearts quest he gives you. Once that’s done, you’ll get the option to purchase a springer mount. You’ll need 1 gold and 50 trade contracts.

Jackal Mount

To get the jackal mount, you’re gonna have to go to the Desolation region. Once there, you’ll have to complete the Jackal Sand Run.

Skimmer Mount

The Skimmer mount can be found in the Elon Riverlands. Once you’re there, go to the Skimmer Ranch. Start and complete the Golden Heart quest for this area. You’ll need to ride some of the wild skimmers, which will help you get to know them a little better. When the quest is over with, you can purchase a skimmer of your very own for 50 contracts and 4 gold.

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