Collapsed Observatory Jumping Puzzle

The Collapsed Observatory Jumping Puzzle
Key Facts:
  • Name: Collapsed Observatory
  • Location: South East of Kessex Hills , South of Cereboth Canyon
  • Location map: Kessex Hills
  • Recommended level: 17+
  • Achievement type: Explorer
  • Puzzle Type: Jumping / Fighting
  • Duration: 10-15 minutes
  • Difficulty (Solo): Easy
  • Prize: Achievement / Splendid Chest

General Information

Very fast and interesting Jumping Puzzle. Combination of jumps goes from really easy ones, up to really hard ones, where your skills will be tested. Oozes we meet here are not so hard to defeat, as well as level 19 Veteran Jungle Troll who is defending splendid chest.




Guide through the puzzle

1 thought on “Collapsed Observatory Jumping Puzzle

  1. This was a pretty amazing find I was not sure what it was until I completed and there is a sweet chest at the end if you complete it. But be careful, there is a huge lizard guarding. Enjoy!

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