Demongrub Pits Jumping Puzzle

gw2 demongrub pits jumping puzzle
Key Facts:
  • Name: Demongrub Pits
  • Location: Human Starting Zone Queensdale, south east corner of the map
  • Location map: Queensdale / Kryta / Demongrub Pits
  • Recommended level: 15-17
  • Achievement type: Explorer / Puzzle Achievement
  • Puzzle Type: Jumping
  • Duration: 20-30 minutes
  • Difficulty (Solo): Easy, Normal, Hard
  • Monster level: 15-17

General Information

Demongrub Pits puzzle consists of three parts where you have to collect 2 treasure chests and one pouch in a cave. The paths that lead to these treasures are short with lots of jumping parts and a large number of monsters that you have to fight. The interesting fact is that these monsters drop some pretty good items and Mystic Chests. If you do this puzzle alone it can be very hard because you have to fight a huge number of monsters. Some of them spawn in waves of 6-7 monsters.

There are also two friendly NPCs. The first one is Kiterin at the cave entrance. During the conversation you can convince her to attempt jumping, and she will try. The second NPC is Veteran Rakkrarrtuk with interesting weapons: mysterious gunk, skull and torch. I took the skull with AoE fear.

Where is the entrance to the cave?

The cave is located in the Human Starting Zone Queensdale, south east corner of the map.

How to find the Pouch?

The first treasure you have to collect is Fall Adventure Pouch. During this adventure you have to jump from rock to rock and fight several Cave Spiders level 15. The Fall Adventure Pouch is hidden under a Massive Egg Sack. While you are destroying the Egg Sack a huge number of Cave Spider Hatching will spawn in waves. When you collect the Pouch, double click to open it and you will receive a reward. My reward was Iron Mining Pick.

How to find the first Treasure Chest?

The second treasure you have to collect is a Treasure Chest. During this route you also have to jump from rock to rock but this time you will fight Cave Bats level 16. The Treasure Chest is located in a small room. When you enter the room a huge burrow appears in front of the Treasure Chest. This burrow spawns several Shadow Skelks level 16 and Veteran Shadow Skelk level 17. You can try to loot the Treasure Chest and run away instead of fighting Shadow Skelks, but the entrance to the room is cluttered and you have to be very skilled and fast.

How to find the second Treasure Chest?

The last part of this puzzle is to find the second Treasure Chest. This one is located in the room full of Veteran Chromatic Oozes (level 17) and Lesser Fire Elementals (level 16). This time you can simply run to the Treasure Chest and loot it. Behind the Treasure Box you will find the route that leads to the exit of the cave. You are safe on this route because monsters cannot jump from rock to rock.

3 thoughts on “Demongrub Pits Jumping Puzzle

  1. There are 3 chests, there is also one above the pouch where the spiders spawn back in the webs.

    The 2nd row of screen shots from the left before you go to drop down on that platform there is one.

    Hope that helps 🙂

  2. There’s also another jumping puzzle in the same cave system where you jump to the right, immediately upon entering the cave and arriving at the ledge. The npc that runs towards the edge of the rock island when you talk to her actually runs towards the 2nd puzzle room’s entrance ledge.

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