GW2 The Queen’s Gauntlet Achievements

GW2 The Queen’s Gauntlet Achievements is new achievement category added with the last update “Queen’s Jubilee” on August 6th 2013.

Name Tier 1
Queen’s Gauntlet Champion
Complete 11 of the queen’s Gauntlet achievements.
11 Queen’s Gauntlet achievements completed +40Arenanet PointsReward: Bag of Coins
Savage Brute
Defeat Masticus withh max stack of Bloodlust active.
Blodlust Masticus Defeated
+5Arenanet Points
Blobs, Schmobs
Defeat Subject 7 without killing any ozes.

Ooze-Sparing Defeated +10Arenanet Points

Blood Sport Enthusiast
Unlock 1 gambit
1 Gambit unlocked
+5Arenanet Points
Doobroosh Tranquilizer
Defeat Dobroosh after he gains max stacks of Hormonal Imbalance.
Hormonally-Imbalanced Doobroosh Defeated
+5Arenanet Points
Candle in the Wind
Defeat Windcaller Kieldia with on Fire gambit active.
Windcaller Kieldia Deafeted While on fire +5Arenanet Points
First Blood
Defeat 1 queen’s Gauntlet opponents.
1 Opponent Defeated +5Arenanet Points
Light Snuffer
Complete the first tier of the Queen’s gauntlet.
Suriel the Blazing Light Defeated +10Arenanet PointsReward: Bag of Coins
Pirate Punisher
Complete the second tier of the Queen’s Gauntlet.
Ravenous Crew Defeted
+15Arenanet PointsReward: Bag of Coins
Darkness Illuminator
Complete the third tier of the Quenn’s Gauntlet..
Liadri the Concealing Darkness Deafeated
+20Arenanet PointsReward: Mini Liadri the Concealing Dark
Humble Victor Win a third tier challenge with active Frailty and Squeamish gambits.1 Frail and Squeamish Victories
+15Arenanet Points
Meatless Murderer
Defeat Strugar and Chomper while denying Chomoper any delcicious meat.
Strugar and Chomper Meatless Defeats +10Arenanet Points
Risk Taker
Win 1 third tier mathces with an active gambit.
Third tier Gambit Victories
+5Arenanet Points
High Stakes Gambler
Win 1 third tier mathces with five active gambits.
Five Gambit, Third Tier Victories +20Arenanet Points
Light Up the Darkness
Defeat Liadri the Concealing Dark after striking her with eigth orbs of blazing light.
1 Liadri Blazing Light Kills.
+20Arenanet Points
Triple Threat
Win 1 third tier matches with three active gambits.
Three Gambit , Third Tier Victories
+15Arenanet Points
Blood Sport Connoisseur
Unlock 7 gambits
7 Gambits unlocked
+10Arenanet Points