GW2 Volcanic Fractal Guide

Volcanic Fractal is part of the Fractals of the Mists dynamic dungeon. You can read about Fractals of the Mists entrance and other fractal guides in our Fractals of the Mists Guide.


1.  Defeat the Grawl Guards
2a. Break the shaman’s bubble to stop the ritual before the captives are sacrificed.
2b. Defeat the champion grawl shaman
3.  Destroy the imbued shaman

1. Defeat the Grawl Guards

Grawl will be incoming from all sides. You need to kill the Grawl waves until the progress meter (bar in the upper right corner) says your done.

2a. Break the shaman’s bubble to stop the ritual before the captives are sacrificed.

To get to the next part you will have to go through a narrow corridor that will have flaming rocks falling from everywhere. On harder difficulty scale you will also have grawl spawned in this corridor to make thing even more interesting. TIP: follow one flaming rock from a safe distance and you will be alright.

When you get to the shaman you will need to take down his shield bubble. This is accomplished by using Infused rocks that fall on the ground after the cave shakes. You throw these at the boss and reduce his shield. All the while there will be veteran grawl shamans that will attempt to throw captives off of a cliff. You can easily DPS down these veteran shamans or immobilize/slow them.

2b. Defeat the champion grawl shaman

When you manage to destroy the shaman’s bubble he will come down from his throne and all you need to do is DPS him down. He will be casting Grawl Totems that you can destroy. My group just destroyed them immediately so we do not know what they do exactly if not destroyed.

3. Destroy the imbued shaman

To get to this part you will have to kill several mobs along the way and pass several jumping portions.

The boss puts a burning condition DOT on group members and spawns several smaller lava elementals. He also buffs himself with a protective bubble shield that you just DPS down. You also have to be careful of the holes in the ground that spew lava occasionally so please refrain standing in them. Your strategy should be to use condition removal spells to get rid of the burning condition and dps down adds as they appear. The rest is pretty straight forward.

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