Spekks’ Laboratory Jumping puzzle

spekks laboratory
Key Facts:
  • Name: Spekk’s Laboratory
  • Location: Caledon Forest, Lower middle west part of the map
  • Location map: Caledon Forest / Maguuma Jungle / lvl 1-15
  • Recommended level: any
  • Achievement type: Explorer / puzzle
  • Puzzle Type: Jumping
  • Duration: 25-30 minutes
  • Difficulty: Normal
  • Prize (except fun): Achievement / Splendid Chest

General Information

This is an extremely challenging and interesting puzzle. It is located inside a mountain with breathtaking scenery. The puzzle consists of jumping from one disappearing field to another. The fields stay active only long enough for you to jump onto it and jump to the next one. These force-field platforms are in between 6-7 control panels that you need to activate in order to activate the next section of the puzzle. The last control panel spawns 4 mobs upon whose defeat you open a passageway to the Splendid Chest.
What makes this puzzle different from others is the fact that even if you die in the lava by failing to jump onto one of the force-fields, you will be offered a chance to teleport to the beginning of the puzzle and not the nearest waypoint. This saves you the running from the waypoint to the puzzle. Also, there are little robots that will let you teleport in between the completed sections of the puzzle so if you need to go back to the beginning or to the last section you managed to complete you can use them to quickly do this. This makes this puzzle less time consuming than some.

Guide through the puzzle