Troll’s End Jumping Puzzle

troll's end jumping puzzle
Key Facts:
  • Name: Troll’s End
  • Location: North West part of Lion’s Arch
  • Location map: Lion’s Arch / Maguuma Jungle / lvl 1-15
  • Recommended level: Any
  • Achievement type: Explorer
  • Puzzle Type: Jumping
  • Duration: 20-30 minutes
  • Difficulty: Normal
  • Prize (except fun): Achievement / Splendid Chest

General Information

During the Beta Weekends this was a simple and relatively quick puzzle, but after the launch ArenaNet added additional part which can be quite frustrating. The main reason for this is a low ceiling which makes some jumps almost impossible if you have a large body characters. If you hit the ceiling and fall down, you’ll have to do everything all over again.
What also makes it special is the way you enter the puzzle. The person that first discovered it must have been a very curious one. There is also a nice little garden at the end containing all sorts of vegetables like potatoes, cabbage, lettuce, a strawberry patch, spinach, grapes etc., so if you are a cook you will want to visit it.


While in Lion’s Arch follow the images bellow to get to the point where you jump into a water well that leads to the chest and puzzle achievement.

Guide through the puzzle

12 thoughts on “Troll’s End Jumping Puzzle

  1. This isnt exactly an accurate walkthrough of the jump challenge, there are many jumps and its not as easy as stated here.

    • Hi Vadriella,
      We didn’t say that this jumping puzzle is easy, our difficulty level says: Normal (there are three levels – easy, normal, hard). There are always some tricky jumps, but there are also several jumping puzzles that are much harder than this one.

      • I suspect that Vadriella may be referring to the changes that have been made to this puzzle since this was published. It is significantly more difficult now and these photos are no longer an accurate representation of how to make your way through the jumping section.

        • You are right, they changed the puzzle, and it’s more frustrating now. We have updated our guide with additional screenshots and tips.

      • It’s not that hard…only hard part is that you have very limited view (huge norn here), and you can’t be sure how much space to you have left. It’s one very interesting puzzle. I’ve spent like 2 hours trying to find the entrance, but without this guide, i would never find it. Thanks! 🙂

  2. This was the first jumping puzzle I discovered (I saw the chest whilst exploring and met up with some other people to scour the map for the entrance). The jumping in the cave wasn’t just extremely difficult but headache-inducing to boot, because the camera is so screwy, flipping all over the place. There were points where I just didn’t know how far from the edge my character was because the camera was right inside her head and she’d turned invisible. It was like some kind of strange nightmare. Even playing through all the Tomb Raider games didn’t prepare me for this!

  3. this puzzle is EXTREME piece of shi t of programer/testers work, puzzle at end is full of tunnels and if you have norn charr, you WILL get tons of graphic glitch, with mad angle of game camera is impossible make right jump, sometimes you have extremely zoomed wiev, so you cant see where to jump etc. for this work I put irresponsible people to strret anf left them die starving, only game crash put me free from this abomination

    I spend at this twice more time then in clock tower and did not make it

  4. finaly I got this puzzle with extra make asura char, thanks god for share achievements thru accounts!

  5. for any big guy out there, there’s an easy way to pass through that low ceiling… you just have to walk to the end of the wooden plank… and move a little further… your char will floating. The space between your char head and the ceiling should allow you to jump easily to the next stone.

  6. entrance screens must be updated. invalid as of living world season two and attack on lion’s arch.

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