GW2 Clockwork Chaos Achievements

GW2 The Clockwork Chaos Achievements is new achievement category added with the last update on August 20th 2013.

Name Tier 1
Clockwork Chaos Completionist
Complete achievements from either this category or Clockwork Chaos dailies.
17 Clockwork Chaos Category Completed +50Arenanet PointsReward: Infinite Watchknight Tonic.
Closing Ceremony Attendee Attend the Closing Ceremony at the Crown Pavilion.. 1 Closing Ceremony attended
+5Arenanet Points
Bane of invading Captains
Defeat a Champion Aetherblade Captain during a protal invasion..

1 Invading Champion Aetherblade Captains Defeated +5Arenanet Points

Defender of the Crown
Confront and defeat Scarlet in Scarlet’s Playhouse
Scarlet’s Playhouse Completed +10Arenanet Points

Friend of Fire and Frost Stop a portal invasion in Frostgorge Sound and Fireheart Rise.

2 Fireheart and Frostgorge Invasion Stopped. +5Arenanet Points
Indiscriminate Advesary
Defeat a boss from each of Scarlet’s armies during her portal invasion..
3 Types of Invading Bosses Defeated +5Arenanet Points
Invasion Canceler
Stop Scarlet’s portal invasion on 13 different maps.
13 Portal Invasion Stopped +25Arenanet Points
Molten Invader Menace
Defeat a Molten Alliance champion during a portal invasion.
1 Invading Molten Alliance Champions Defeated +5Arenanet Points
Playhouse Perfectionist
Finish Scarlet’s Playhouse without dying.
1 Scarlet’s Playhouse Escaped Alive
+15Arenanet Points
Portal Closer
Stop 5 of Scarlet’s portal invasions.
5 Portal Invasions Stopped +10Arenanet Points
Raced to the Rescue Save Lord Faren within first 3 minutes of Scarlet’s Playhouse.. Lord Faren Saved Early
+10Arenanet Points
Scarlet Scrambler
Defeat Scarlet during a portal invasion..
1 Scarlet Invasion defeats +5Arenanet Points
Soft Lander
Survive jumping from the upper arena ring into a hay pile.
1 Haypile High Jumps
+5Arenanet Points
Swift Closer
5 scarlet’s portal closed within 15 minutes.
1 Portals Closed Early +10Arenanet Points
Watchwork Nightmare Wrecker
Defeat a Champion Twisted Nightmare during a portal invasion..
1 Invading Champion Twisted Nightmares Defeated.
+5Arenanet Points
Worldwide Invasion Responder
Stop Scarlet’s Portal invasions in 7 different maps.
7 Portal Invasions Stopped +15Arenanet Points

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