GW2 Wings of Justice Achievement guide

GW2 Wings of Justice Achievement takes place right after the first beam scale puzzle, and the checkpoint you pass.

  • When you reach the flower, turn around toward the small cloud behind the big rock structure nearby. When you jump on the cloud, proceed quickly since the cloud will disappear.
  • Then, on next plateau, push the box several times. Jump on the box, and climb on the bird at the top.
  • After that, you’ll be teleported on the bird’s back. This is where the shortcut for Zone 2 starts. But, be careful, there are several owls and you can be knocked back on impact with them. You can easily pass this phase by turning your camera toward your bird’s tail. Using this method, you can easily spot owls coming from behind. It’s very important to dodge them, since the front incoming owls can be avoided by standing on bird’s helmet.
  • Successfully surviving this challenge takes you to the last checkpoint in Zone 2.
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