Shadow of the Mad King Mad Memoires ACT 2

Shadow of the Mad King Mad Memoires ACT II event guide with detailed explanation and screenshots. If you get stuck, we wrote for you Ascent to Madness ACT 3 guide

Mad Memoires VII: Handless

Your journey starts in Gendarran Fields, Ascalonian Settlement. At the location on the fourth screenshot, use Corporeal Field scan 4. It will trigger event Drive back the hands of the accused thieves. After completing the event, talk to Cashel and get the seventh book Mad Memoires VII: Handless.


Mad Memoires VIII: Feast and Famine

Go to Ruins of Holly Demetra, Harathi Hinterlands, and find a statue of Dwayna. Use Etheric Scan (number 3) to spawn ghost Fenn, who will give you Mad Memoires VIII: Feast and Famine

Mad Memoires IX: Pains of Love

Go to Bloodtide Coast – Laughing Gull Island ( use Number 1).

Mad Memoires X: Tax-o Lanterns

Go to Harathi Hinterlands, Store room at South end of town at Seraph’s Ending Waypoint. Go up the stairs and then to the left into the store room (use Number 4) (thanks Thedevol).

Mad Memoires XI: Flames of renewal

Go to Harathi Hinterlands, the bridge just above Arca lake has suspicious location. After inspecting, you will find ghost Portia asking for help. Use number 3 to find new suspicious location, where you can get a bucket to throw water (just press F). Portia will give you Mad Memoires XI: Flames of Renewal.

Mad Memoires XII: Descension

Go to Sparkfly Fenn Shattered, keep all the way to the bottom of the cellar and use scan number 3. Talk to ghost Wynn, who will give you Memoires XII: Descension (thanks Schwip89)


Go back to Lion’s Arch and talk to Magister Tassi

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  1. Have found page XII,

    go to sparkfly fen, and go into the crypt/tomb at north fort cadence. when there on the bottom floor, south wall on a column there is an unlit torch. scan there for page 12.

  2. Mad Memoires XI: Flames of renewal

    I see nothing here. Nothing comes up and there are no suspicious locations. I’ve scanned the entire plateau on the side of the Ettin.

    Has anyone else had a problem finding it?

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