GW2 Shadow of the Mad King Ascent to Madness ACT 3 guide

Shadow of the Mad King ACT 3 – Ascent to Madness, starts on October 28th, at 12:00 PM PT/19:00 GMT. You can participate in this event even if you haven’t finished ACT 1 and ACT 2.

A lot of people cannot participate in the event. If you have 19:9:18:1614:101 Error, try to log in again.

The beautiful lion statue in Lion’s Arch has shattered, and in its place, there is now a portal to the Mad King’s realm. Steel yourself if you decide to enter this nightmarish world of madness and mirth where heroes battle to keep the Mad King locked away and harmless.

The event takes place in Lion’s Arch, Grand Piazza. It’s recommended to find a 5 people group, but you can also do it solo but don’t try to do it on overflow server.
There are 15-20 mobs level 80 at the entrance. Watch you steps, there are ground traps everywhere and mobs can easily kick you down from the platform. Mad King will also spawn scarecrows with red circles around. so try to dodge as quickly as possible. Scarecrows spawn birds, they don’t do high damage, but they are very annoying.
Mad King has several abilities: throws his shield, fears, pumpkin bomb attack, AoE.

How to finish Act 3 SOLO

If you enter the instance alone, try to hide in the small house near Haunted door. You don’t have to kill other mobs, just wait a few seconds and mad King will appear next to you. While you are “hiding” in the small house, Mad King cannot attack you with other skills but AoE, and you can survive that easily. If he defeats you, just use the waypoint, and you can continue the fight with Mad King since he doesn’t reset.
In the second phase, Mad King will disappear. Don’t worry, just look at your map and you’ll find him on the platform below, just to the right of you (screenshot number 7). You’ll have to make several jumps to reach the platform.


26 silver, 177.800 xp, 10 trick or treat bags, a choice between 5 plastic fangs or 5 nougat centers or 5 of those halloween skulls and a chest!

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10 thoughts on “GW2 Shadow of the Mad King Ascent to Madness ACT 3 guide

  1. Mad king is soloable …. but still pain (Cant find group so i try…).
    I was there around 20-25 mins with my ranger. Just be smart, evade bombs and scarecrows (dont destroy them or fear appear – try to stay near some wall if u need to destroy scarecrow or u run and fall down).
    I died 3x but main thing is, boss dont reset if u die 🙂 So do it again and again. 😀

  2. My event dungeon is bugged…. :/ the first time I entered I had muted sound, and I didn’t see any Mad King as I didn’t look very much around. I saw this chain that went downwards and climbed all the way to the “ground floor”. I didn’t know that jumping out the cliff would make you come to the top then, so I relogged. When I now enter the dungeon the Mad King wont even talk to me, I’ve tried to log out and in and try again, but nothing happens when I enter. It’s like I enter my “past” dungeon. Cuz when I enter now I dont even have to open the gate, it is already open. And nothing works, have tried to log out and in and re-enter 6 times now. Exactly the same thing happens: Nothing.

  3. I had no problem with the mobs or the King, i just could not figure out the how to get down to the lower level where the chest was.

    I run a Norn and am just awful at jumping puzzles so this and the clocktower were exercises in futility for me.

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