GW2 Super Adventure Box Achievements

GW2 super adventure box is a new achievement category added in The Razing update. It is earned by completing Super Adventure Box content. Continue reading

GW2 Sonic Periscope Locations

GW2 Sonic Periscopes can be found throughout the following areas – Diessa Plateau, Wayfarer Foothills, Snowden Drifts, Plains of Ashford, Iron Marches. Once you destroy the Sonic Periscope, search the Sonic Periscope Wreckage to collect Sonic Periscope Audio Log. On … Continue reading

GW2 Super Weapons gallery

GW2 PvP Super Weapons are introduced with The Razing patch. You can preview all GW2 Super weapons from the PvP locker. Continue reading

GW2 Rox Story Guide

GW2 Rox story guide with screenshots for The Razing patch. Rox’s story begins in the Black Citadel Command Core. Continue reading

GW2 Braham Story Guide

GW2 Braham story guide with screenshots for The Razing patch. Braham’s story begins in Rytlock Brimstone’s office, near the Command Core. Continue reading

GW2 Fused weapon skins

With the GW2 The Razing Update the 16 new Fused weapon skins have been added to the Black Lion Chest. All Fused weapon skins are account-bound. Continue reading

GW2 Patch Notes March 26

The latest Guild Wars 2 Patch notes bring out information about the third March Content Update Flame and Frost: The Razing, new features and content, along with a number of general bug fixes. Continue reading

Changes to GW2 Guild Missions in the Razing March Patch

GW2 Guild Missions are open-world content specifically designed for guilds. After the first month, it was obvious that small guilds had problems in unlocking some Guild Missions’ Categories. With this problem in mind, ArenaNet decided to add additional changes by … Continue reading

GW2 Achievement Leaderboards will limit infinitely repeatable achievements

The third part of the Flame and Frost update – The Razing introduces new Achievement Leaderboards which will limit the infinitely repeatable achievements with a reasonable number. Continue reading

GW2 Game Update Flame and Frost The Razing

The Razing is the third installment of the Flame and Frost update which brings new features like Braham’s Struggle, Rox’s Mission, new World vs. World progression system, new Guild Bounty hunt targets and much more. Continue reading