GW2 Braham Story Guide

GW2 Braham story begins in Rytlock Brimstone’s office, near the Command Core. The closest waypoint is, again, the Imperator’s Waypoint. The entrance is marked with another yellow instance entry icon; this one reads Braham: Help from the Legions when you hover your mouse over it. When you enter Rytlock’s office and approach Rytlock and Braham, a short scene will play. Talk to Braham afterwards to earn the associated achievement. Rytlock will send you a mail detailing where to head to next.

Part Two takes you to Hoelbrak, specifically Knut Whitebear’s Loft. In Lion’s Arch, the portal to Hoelbrak is being guarded by Wolfborn norn. Once in Hoelbrak, take the Great Lodge waypoint. On your map, you should see another yellow instance entry icon. Enter Knut’s office and watch the short scene. Talk to Braham afterwards to earn the associated achievement. Braham will send you a mail explaining where to go next.

The final part of Braham’s story occurs in Cragstead, a village located in Northern Wayfarer Foothills. Take the Eastern Watchpost Waypoint and exit Hoelbrak through the portal. Head north to the snowy fields of Wayfarer Foothills. In the northeastern section of the zone, near the Dolyak Pass waypoint, the final yellow instance entry icon should be visible. Enter the instance, approach Braham, and have fun! You can complete Braham’s instance for gold and karma once a day.
Braham’s Story Achievements: Braham Eirsson, Braham retake cragstead, Braham: help from the legions
Braham’s Story Rewards: 2 bags of coins, Karma Gift box (3000 Karma), Communal boost Bonfire, Karma Gift Box