Wintersday Cheermeister Jumping Puzzle

Wintersday Cheermeister
Key Facts:
  • Name: Wintersday Cheermeister
  • Location: Winter Wonderland, Npc from LA takes you there
  • Location map: Winter Wonderland
  • Recommended level: 1+
  • Achievement type: Special Event
  • Puzzle Type: Jumping / Avoiding Dangers
  • Duration: 5 minutes
  • Difficulty (Solo): Medium
  • Prize: Achievement / Magnificent Chest

General Information about Wintersday Cheermeister Jumping Puzzle

Wintersday Cheermeister Jumping Puzzle is a part of the Wintersday Event. In order to access the area where you can start the puzzle you need to talk to Npc called Festive Youth (North West from Lion’s Arch Mystic Forge).
While the countdown timer in your upper right corner is up you have to wait for your turn. This puzzle is time limited, since you have condition called Frostbite, which takes your health pool slowly deplete until you die. The goal is to reach the big present box at the end and bring the present gift you are carrying to the kids. This puzzle have three different parts.


First Part

The first part consists of snowflakes you have to jump on. There are three different paths at the start, and all of them end on the same point – the second part. These three starting paths take you into three different roads. In my opinion the left and the right road are slightly easier than the middle one.

Second Part

Second part takes you over exploding present gift boxes. Jump over them quickly and avoid the shaking ones which represent incoming exploding boxes.

Third Part

The third and the last part will take you through the path where big Snow Balls roll down the hill, while the same path is bombarded by a snow bolts. Avoid big Snow Bolls by standing on a big lollipops, and try not to get hit by snow bolts. At the end you will reach part with lots of presents floating in the air. Jump carefully while reaching the end. At the end jump on a big present box and make lots of kids happy.