GW2 Solid Ocean Fractal Guide

Solid Ocean Fractal is part of the Fractals of the Mists dynamic dungeon. You can read about Fractals of the Mists entrance and other fractal guides in our Fractals of the Mists Guide.

1. Get to Jade Maw
2. Kill the Jade Maw

1. Get to Jade Maw

During the first part of the Solid Ocean Fractal your aim is to explore it and defeat a few adds. There are several jumping parts, thus, be careful and try not to die before you even see the boss.

2. Kill the Jade Maw

In order to defeat Jade Maw use a Reflecting Crystal item (drops from various mobs). When Jade Maw targets you, a big Red Skull Mark will appear above your head. A few seconds later he starts a channeling attack. If you have the Reflecting Crystal this attack will fill the Crystal, and you will be able to throw it at the boss, by using the skill number one. If you don’t have the Crystal try to dodge the channeling attack, but you have to be very skilful.
During the fight you’ll have to defeat several tentacles. After defeating them all, a couple of tentacles will spawn at once, thus, the better method is to keep one alive.

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