GW2 Support Ellen Kiel Achievements

GW2 Support Ellen Kiel is new achievement category added with the last game update “Cutthroat Politics” on July 23rd 2013. Continue reading

GW2 Aspect Arena Guide

After starting Aspect Arena event run through Aspect gates to select a Sun, Wind or Lighting skill set. Each Aspect grants you different skills to maneuver and fight. Continue reading

GW2 Support Your Candidate

Support Your Candidate event starts on July 23rd. You can get the Support Tokens from participating in the content, or from the vendor Continue reading

GW2 Event Investigation by Inspector Ellen Kiel

The event starts after receiving the mail which sends you to talk to Ellen Kiel in LA Grand Piazza. 1. Go on western beaches of Lion’s Arch from the Diverse Ledges to the Moran Memorial and examine wreckage 2. Examine … Continue reading

GW2 Event Additional Karka Attacks

The event starts after receiving the mail Additional Karka Attacks. 1. Go to Caledon Forest and find Warden Lochlain There is also event to kill young karka (help him with this event), which starts next to Warden Lochlain, so he … Continue reading