GW2 Event Investigation by Inspector Ellen Kiel

The event starts after receiving the mail which sends you to talk to Ellen Kiel in LA Grand Piazza.

1. Go on western beaches of Lion’s Arch from the Diverse Ledges to the Moran Memorial and examine wreckage
2. Examine Jetsam, Broken Cargo Container, Ruptured Cargo Barrel

3.Take the Crow bar and examin Sealed Cargo Barel

4. Go back to Ellen Kiel and get Liquid Karma (consume it and get 400 karma)

5. Find Blingg

6.Once you finish the conversation with Blingg you will get a mail with Map fragment item which sends you to
hanto trading post

7. Find Subdirector Noll near Hanto trading post (Caledon forest) and finish event Intimidate Subdirector Noll which intimates his guards.

8. After completing event go to Kessex Hills and find Canach. You will find him after completing event Drive the karka out of garenhoffs harbor. He is located inside a house on the top floor.

9. Return to Ellen Kiel and get the prize Jug of Liquid Karma (4500 karma)

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