GW2 Aspect Arena Guide

Once you speak to Ellen Kiel and start Aspect Arena event, jump down and run through Aspect gates to select a Sun, Wind or Lighting skill set. Each Aspect grants you different skills to maneuver and fight. Your aim is to collect Crystals and return them to charge your conduits. Each round lasts 5 minutes, once time’s up, the team with the highest score wins.

Entrance to Aspect Arena

Talk to Captain Ellen Kiel to participate in arena.

Aspect Arena Tips

  • After collecting a Crystal, don’t forget to use new skills to increase movement speed.
  • Arena is full of secret passages, which can be used for running away or getting the Crystals faster.
  • Move carefully, there are many opportunities to get knocked off the area and die.
  • You can reequip your skills at your base during the game


Aspect Skills

Sun Skills are for players who want to keep distance during the fight, poke guys from far away, burn them up with sunlight attacks.

  • sun beamSun Beam – Shoot a beam of light at your foe. Heals allies it passes through. Damage increases the closer you are to your foe. (damage 2-8 depends of the range, heal 2, Range 1200)
  • sun burstSun Burst – Release a burst of sunlight that blinds nearby enemies (5 damage, Blindness for 5 sec, Range 300)
  • gw2 bastionBastion – Create a bastion at your target location, damaging and assisting allies. (Damage per pulse 2, Duration 5 sec, Stability, radius 240, range 1200)
  • unstable novaUnstable Nova – Release a small star that damage any foes it hits and that can collapse into a black hole. (10 Damage, Damage per pusle 1, radius 480, 1200 range)
  • speed of lightSpeed of Light – Dash forward at the speed of light (Evade: 1.5 sec)

Wind Skills – are movement based attacks that can lift you up very high or help you escape faster. Wind Swirl skill can make devastating damage. When you throw swirl of wind out at your enemy, and if it hits him, he’ll bounce back towards you, and if you catch him, spike it back and make huge damage.

  • wind slashWind Slash – Throw a blade of air that returns to you, slowing enemies it hits. (Damage 1, Range 900)
  • tornado strikeTornado Strike – Create a tornado that knocks back foes. (5 damage, Knockback 400, range 1200)
  • like the windLike the wind – Become like the wind unstoppable and uncatchable.(Duration 3 sec, Breaks stun)
  • wind sphereWind Sphere – Throw a bouncing sphere of wind at your target. Hit the sphere a second time to deal massive damage.( 1st time hit 10 dmg, 2nd time hit 20 dmg, Range 900)
  • asisted leapAssisted Leap – Use the aspect of the wind to leap extremely high.

Lighting Skills – are close range attacks with heavy hitting and powerful smashing. With lighting you can create circles that trap people in, and then use powerful smashing.

  • lighting strikeLighting Strike – Blast your foe with lighting. ( 5 damage, range 190)
  • electromagnetic pulseElectromagnetic Pulse – Release a massive blast of electromagnetic energy, disabling nearby foes. (25 damage, 2 sec daze).
  • energy shieldEnergy Shield – Counter the next attack with a stun. (stun 2 sec, duration 4 sec)
  • gw2 electrical stormElectrical Storm – Create a lighting storm. Foes cannot cross the threshold of the storm. (damage per pulse 2, duration 5 sec)
  • lighting tetherLighting Tether – Use lighting to pull yourself to the target location (range 900)



Arena Crystal Capper
Aspect Arena Frequenter


Earn karma and coins for each round you play, plus a rare chance at an exclusive Zephyr Rucksack Back Item.

gw2 Zephyr Rucksack

Zephyr Rucksack

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