GW2 Support Ellen Kiel Achievements

GW2 Support Ellen Kiel is new achievement category added with the last game update “Cutthroat Politics” on July 23rd 2013.

Name Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4
Kiel Supporter  
Complete achievements suppoorting ellen Kiel
Bazaar Achievements completed : 0/6
+25Arenanet Points
Reward: Mini Ellen Kiel
I Like Kiel  
Contribute one support token for Ellen Kiel on board the Zephyr Sanctum.
Support Ellen Kiel
+5Arenanet Points
Kiel Every Day
Complete daily achievements while supporting Ellen Kiel
1 Daily achievements Earned +1Arenanet Points 3 Daily achievements Earned +4Arenanet Points

Kiel: Dungeon Runner
Complete a dungeon while supporting Ellen Kiel.
1 Dungeons Completed +10Arenanet Points      
Kiel: Homeland Support 
Complete events in the Krytan region while supporting Ellen Kiel.
1 Event Completed
+1Arenanet Points
5 Events Completed
+1Arenanet Points
10 Events Completed +1Arenanet Points 20 Events Completed +2Arenanet Points
Kiel: Direct Support  
Complete Tiers 1 and 2 of Ellen Kiel’s Candidate trials.
Tier 1 completed
+1Arenanet Points
Tier 2 completed
+4Arenanet Points
Kiel: Maw Mulcher 
Defeat the Jade Maw whitin Fractals of the Mists while supporting Ellen Kiel.
Jade Maw Defeated + 10Arenanet Points      
Aspect Arena Frequenter  
Complete games of Aspect Arena.
1 game played
+1Arenanet Points
5 games played
+1Arenanet Points
10 games played +1Arenanet Points 15 games played +2Arenanet Points
Aspect Arena: Crystal Capper 
Capture crystals for your team’s side in Aspect Arena
1 Crystal caputred
+1Arenanet Points
3 Crystals caputred +1Arenanet Points 6 Crystals captured +1Arenanet Points 10 Crystals caputred +2Arenanet Points
Aspect Arena: Crystal Breaker 
Defeat opponents carrying a crystal during Aspect Arena
1 Crystal Bearers Defeated +1Arenanet Points 5 Crystal Bearers Defeated +1Arenanet Points 10 Crystal Bearers Defeated +1Arenanet Points 15 Crystal Bearers Defeated +2Arenanet Points
Aspect Arena Regular
Participate in 12 rounds.
12 Games played Reward: Loot Bag      
Kiel: Advanced Support  Complete Tiers 3 and 4 of Ellen Kiel’s candidate trails. Prequisite: Kiel: Direct Support Tier 3 completed
+1Arenanet Points
Tier 4 completed
+4Arenanet Points

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