Forgotten Stream Halloween Achievement

Forgotten Stream Explorer Achievement takes place in North East part of Cursed Shore, North of Cathedral of Verdance. Very fast explorer, with couple of level 80 mobs that you have to defeat in order to acquire Achievement. Looting the chest … Continue reading

Ship of Sorrows Halloween Achievement

Ship of Sorrows Explorer Achievement Guide with screenshots Continue reading

Windy Cave Treasure Halloween Achievement

Windy Cave Treasure Explorer Achievement is located in North-West part of Lornar’s Pass, North of Mistriven Gorge. There are many veteran mobs, so if you haven’t reach level 26, don’t try to finish it alone. You’ll need approximately 15 minutes … Continue reading

GW2 Halloween Guides

GW2 Halloween guides, events, achievements for Shadow of the mad king Continue reading

Developer Corner: New Halloween Recipes

Regina Buenaobra, North American Community Team Lead, announced new opportunity for everyone to get shiny Halloween goodies:   You will be glad to hear that we are adding recipes to the Mystic Forge that will allow you to throw stuff … Continue reading

What’s the best way to find Haunted Door locations

Haunted Doors spawn randomly throughout the Queensdale, Kessex Hills and Gendarran Fields. Walk up to them and “Trick or Treat” monsters will spawn. These monsters drop Trick of Treat bags and count towards the achievement Halloween Hunting’, which you need … Continue reading

Forsaken Fortune Mini Dungeon Guide

Forsaken Fortune Mini Dungeon Guide with detailed explanation and screenshots. Continue reading

Use Candy-Powered Matter Meter to get Trick or Treat Bags

If you asked yourself how to get Personalized Trick or Treat bags, the answer is use Candy-Powered Matter Meter on specific locations:   Diving Board at LA, use Aqueous Field Scan (Number 1) and interact with shiny to create Fire … Continue reading

One-Time Halloween Event on Oct 28th

GW2 One-Time Halloween Event In Lion’s Arch on Oct 28th Continue reading

Coddler’s Cove Jumping Puzzle

Coddler’s Cove jumping puzzle in Timberline Falls with detailed explanation and screenshots. Continue reading