Forsaken Fortune Mini Dungeon Guide

Key Facts:
  • Name: Forsaken Fortune
  • Location North West part of Dredgehaunt Cliffs , Wyrmblood Lake
  • Location map: Dredgehaunt Cliffs
  • Recommended level : 41+

General Information

Mini dungeon consists of three major events that take place in three different rooms:

  1. Help Ger4vid find the dwarven treasure
  2. Follow Gerrvid deeper into the ruins
  3. Help Gerrvid search the ruins for treasure


Event for opening the door

In order to open the door that leads to Mini Dungeon you have to talk with Gerrvid located in a small hut at Travelen’s Steading POI (North West of Dredgehaunt Cliffs). He will ask you to read three books next to him . After that the event starts and at the end the door to mini dungeon will open.

First Room: Help Ger4vid find the dwarven treasure

Follow Gerrvid through the first room. There are many grubs immune to damage. The only way to drive them away is by carrying a torch you can find at the entrance of the mini dungeon. There are spike traps in the room as well but you can spot them easily on the ground, so try to avoid them. If you see a big red circle on the ground, move quickly because the parts of the ceiling will collapse. When Gerrvid reaches the end of the room, he will ask you to collect five Door Pieces. They are scattered around the room as “Rubble” and you can find them easily. After bringing the parts to Gerrvid the locked door will open and u can proceed to the second room.

Second Room: Follow Gerrvid deeper into the ruins

Take a torch and follow Gerrvid until he reaches another locked door. When u reach the door, he will ask you to activate four levers in the room. After that the locked door will open and you can proceed to the last room.

Third room – Help Gerrvid search the ruins for treasure

In the third room you’ll fight Veteran Fleshgrazer. In order to defeat him, keep the five fire braziers across the room lighted up (Veteran Fleshgrazer will turn them off from time to time). Try to avoid his frontal AoE ability (the same one he is using to turn of fire braziers) and spike traps on the ground.


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7 thoughts on “Forsaken Fortune Mini Dungeon Guide

  1. You should heck out the actual entrance, it might be open, it is on the right side of the ice bridge at Wyrmblood waypoint.
    It might be already opened – I entered that way but I got stuck with the levers.
    The guide is great but of no help at – after you activate the 4 levers …
    well, I have been looking for the forth one for an hour now and I wonder WHY did the person who wrote this guide did not include a screenshot or a small map with X marked so that I know where to look.Its full of traps and jumps and it is DARK. Ok, nice to get it on my own, eventually but why bother with a guide then ?

  2. When I attempted to do this dungeon, Gerrvid was dead in the first room. He could not be revived, and wasn’t in his hut to restart the quest. The door to the second room was open. My friend and I found all 4 levers in the 2nd room, but none of them were able to be activated. We had to give up and leave. Hopefully this gets patched soon.

  3. this event have a little bit time res, I had to wait up to 10 minutes to Gerrvid start event, this starts with first event – protect Gerrvid from hut to the doors, and then is another event in every room, some mobs in dark will not atack you, if you dont provoke them

  4. I tried to do this event just now, and Gervid won’t let me talk to him. He just keeps saying stop snooping at my research. The door to the dungeon is closed as well. Am I missing something?

  5. A few details missing about the first room: there are also many skelks in addition to many grubs. Most of them are immune to damage and the torches do nothing to help. I managed to kill one grub with my rifle, but that was it. As soon as you get near any skelk or grub, the rest jump you and it results in almost instant death. I would recommend a group, but even that may not matter if the enemies are invincible. I don’t know if it’s bugged or if I’m just missing something.

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