Use Candy-Powered Matter Meter to get Trick or Treat Bags

If you asked yourself how to get Personalized Trick or Treat bags, the answer is use Candy-Powered Matter Meter on specific locations:

  • Diving Board at LA, use Aqueous Field Scan (Number 1) and interact with shiny to create Fire RingsTM . Jump through these quickly and earn 5 ToT bags. Repeatable.

  • Old LA, just east of the diving board are the lion statues underwater. Use Corporeal Field Scan (Number 4) and interact with left lions nose, then right lions nose 4 times for 4 bags.
  • Old LA, fountainy looking structure (like a big tube), just south of docks. Use Aqueous field Scan (Number 1) and interact with shinies on top of water jets. Avoid excited quaggan. Earns 3 ToT bags.
  • Sewers in LA, entrance is by the pool of water just south the Guild Bank symbol on the map. Run round the corner and stand at the T junction and use Gaseous Field Scan (Number 2). Interact with shiny that appears and a shade will run from right to left, dropping 2 shinies spaced out. Earns 1 bag per shiny.

  • Queensdale Cemetery, east of word “Shaemoor” on the map. Two angels at entrance to graveyard, climb hedge and stand on left angel’s hand. Use Etheric Field Scan (Number 3) and interact with left hand, then jump across to right angel and interact with shiny hand there to earn 4 ToT bags.
  • Queensdale Cemetery II, by the angel with pot in her hand at the back right of the cemetery. Use Corporeal Field Scan (Number 4) to create a sparkly in the flowers. Interaction with this creates a group of 4 skeletons, some of which may have ToT bags. Thanks to wraid for the info and Tomehina of [STAG] for confirmation of this.

  • Queensdale Cemetery III, in front of the last row of tombs at the back of the cemetery, using Corporeal Field Scan (Number 4) creates a shiny which, upon interaction, spawns 4 more skeletons to fight, who may or may not have ToT bags on them. Credit goes to whyitisfunny for the tip and Tomehina of [STAG] for confirmation (I didn’t get the bag).

  • Queensdale Cemetery IV, by the angel with the pot again. If you jump onto the fence behind the tombs on the right (careful, it’s quite a drop!), then onto the bush and onto the tomb tops and saunter on over to the tomb with the flowers in front of it from the last tip and use Aqueous Field Scan (Number 1) a shiny will appear just off the front of the roof. Using this will cause the angel to shoot out water and a point to collect 4 more ToT bags. Congratulations, you just desecrated some tombs for candy! Many thanks to Sacred Scriptures of Sea of Sorrows for this tip.

  • Kessex Hills Graveyard, Blackroot Cut. Jump onto the roof of the hut using the skulls on the spikes, and use Gaseous Field Scan (Number 2). A shiny will appear off the front of the hut, activating this will create a shiny on the cliff wall behind the hut. Jump to it and interact 4 times to receive 4 ToT bags.
  • Kessex Hills Graveyard, Blackroot Cut again. The crypt at the back, when Aqueous Field Scan (Number 1) is used, has a shiny on the back wall. Activation of this shiny causes candy golems to rush at you from the beach, be ready! Thanks to koorashi for this one!
  • Gendarran Fields, Provernic Crypt. Just after the flame traps upon entry there’s a row of coffins at the back. Each set of 4 has a spot near it, unveiled with Corporeal Field Scan (Number 4). The left hand set spawns 4 skeletons, and the right hand set rewards you with 4 points which give a ToT bag each! Thanks to koorashi and seriousscrub for this tip!


We would like to thank handyshaw, Dukko, Syrion_Wraith, Buinovsky for finding all locations!
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11 thoughts on “Use Candy-Powered Matter Meter to get Trick or Treat Bags

  1. the location with the angel holding the pot, my locator did not work with the etheric scanner but with the corporal one(number 4)

  2. No luck on the Old LA Lions – a few of us tried it and a suspicious location popped on the nose but nothing after that. :o(

  3. As far as I have seen, when this guide was posted, all the points in LA did work, I bags from all the spots myself. As of last night(the 25th), the only point in LA that works is the diving board one. To get those 5 bags, you need to go through all the rings of fire and if you do it right, you get teleported before you hit the water and you get 5 bags. You can only do this one once a day, like the ones in Queendale, Kessex, and Gendarran.

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