Waiting for GW2 Wintersday event

The hours may seem very long if you are waiting for the Wintersday patch. According to Anthony Ordon, ArenaNet’s Game Designer – there is no specific time when the Wintersday event will start:   The patch will go live sometime … Continue reading

Guild Wars 2 Beta Patch Notes

Some of you might have experienced several technical issues during the Guild Wars 2 First Beta Event and the latest Guild Wars 2 Stress Test. Many of these problems have been solved as can be seen in the leaked patch … Continue reading

GW2 launcher for Beta Weekend Event

While we’re counting the days until the first public Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend, I spotted on reddit.com an interesting screenshot – Guild Wars 2 Launcher. We would like to thank Daegalus for sharing this screenshot with GW2 community. I … Continue reading