GW2 launcher for Beta Weekend Event

gw2 launcher

While we’re counting the days until the first public Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend, I spotted on an interesting screenshot – Guild Wars 2 Launcher. We would like to thank Daegalus for sharing this screenshot with GW2 community. I wish I can click the play button!

Before people start asking:

This is not the beta client, there is no public download link, I have acquired this through private means and a bit of prior knowledge of how their patcher works and a few good friends.

This is the dev client, beta clients are just branches of the dev client, meaning that they are preparing for the BWE already.

I thought I would share the new patcher look. I will probably not be leaking much of anything else, since BWE is next week, and there is no point. I just thought the patcher looked cool and I should share. Don’t click the link if you don’t like spoilers.

guild wars 2 launcher