Guild Wars 2 Beta Patch Notes

Some of you might have experienced several technical issues during the Guild Wars 2 First Beta Event and the latest Guild Wars 2 Stress Test. Many of these problems have been solved as can be seen in the leaked patch notes.

  • Optimization to reduce visible “Portal lag”
  • Improve Portal watching
  • Attempting to fix a Portal party issue (not related to the above change)
  • Legendary weapon replacement skill effects
  • Gadget on gadget flux
  • Point lights are now enabled on equipped items
  • Added support for replacement material effects
  • Support material replacement file effect fading
  • Added the “Sylvari glow”
  • There is a new indefinite progress bar that uses the wipe shader
  • Added Mystic Forge sparklies
  • Mystic Forge fire spirals in one direction
  • Rewards now “fly” into the Mystic Forge
  • Local chat (Say) is now very short range. /Shout (/Map) at map range has been added.
  • Gadget crash fix
  • Chat-related crash fixed
  • Using items from your bank no longer crashes the server
  • Loading into different maps is ok now
  • Players can now leave their party without crashing
  • Fix for guild bank crash (related to permissions)
  • Fix for the cursor being out of bounds in a text box
  • Playing with players from other shards should no longer crash WvW
  • Fix in for a missile crash
  • Fixed buff crashes
  • Dialog manager crash fix
  • Crash fix for character creation
  • Fix for a marker-related crash
  • Entering/leaving the water context no longer crashes
  • Disabled a forced server crash
  • Fixed a Mystic Forge rash
  • Opening the hint dialog no longer crashes
  • Agent selection crash (loot crash)
  • Iconics have 1% of the normal hate
  • F11 should now open the options menu
  • If a player goes from alive to dead, we now give them a waypoint to port to so they can resurrect
  • Input binding:
    • There are now distinct left and right shift keys
  • Rewards:
    • Map complete rewards are now available
  • If a transformation isn’t allowed to interact with bundles, drop any bundles the character may be
  • holding when transformed (No more flamethrower ooze H)

  • Map complete doesn’t trigger every time you zone into a map now
  • Gadgets/turrets now have a concept of an “authority”
    • The player that creates the gadget is assigned as that gadget’s authority
    • This basically means that players that place down the Siege blueprints can kick out other
      players who are in their siege weapons if they want to use them
  • “Move to Target” split into underwater and terrestrial
  • “Move to Target” no longer applicable when downed
  • Only 5 unique combatants can combo with a given combo field
  • Characters that aren’t alive don’t return legendary weapon ItemDefs
  • Mystic Forge only takes one of each kind of item [F 234559]
  • Trait tiers are in
  • Added account bound items
  • Players can no longer redirect to a map if they are already redirecting
  • Added a skill point currency type
  • A shard selection bug has been fixed
  • Input bindings have been implemented
  • Improved how “Fear” works
  • Recharge slows should be slowing for the proper amount now
  • Spawn scaling for low-level events has been adjusted
  • Level 70+ rare items have the potential to salvage out more materials as deemed by special reward
  • Auto-attacks no longer continue to attack an unselected target
  • Missiles now fire in the direction of the camera when the player has no target and is holding down
    the right mouse button (Side note: This is awesome)
  • Players can now queue for multiple maps concurrently
  • The default mouse scroll rate has been changed to 2x
  • Mouse-looking no longer drives a characters movement unless they’re executing an upper body skill
  • Characters can no longer jump if the jump state doesn’t exist
  • The Fear mechanic has been improved
    • Action Char Fear Char
    • Action Skill Fear
  • LFG:
    • More backend implementation
    • Blocked players no longer show up in LFG
  • PvP:
    • Added rank rewards to PvP Ranks
    • Changed from a level to a level range per recent PvP Rank discussions
    • PvpRank has been split from Glory
    • Ranks now define a range of PvP ranks
    • Placeholder awards are going through the reward manager
    • Added support for Glory Boosts
    • Start Auto Tournaments as soon as there are enough rosters ready (and send out a countdown when the match is about to start)
    • Tournament server improvements
    • PvP Lobby waypoint travel is free
    • Added a new reward type for PvP rank up
    • Players with an “Offline” status can now be invited to tournaments
    • Players are unable to send tournament invites to themselves
  • WvW:
    • Cannons now display red targeting circles to the enemy
    • Game ending has been smoothed out
    • Players receive a warning message and are redirected (configurable in content)
    • The score dialog now displays a message telling the player their team’s final position
    • Gadgets now report their WvW team
    • Gadgets can now insert their shard names into their name if they know their WvW team
    • WvW travel is free
    • Clicking “Go to WvW” will close the score dialog now (by design)
    • Squad members may now speak into the squad channel
    • Removed /.sq dev command
    • Added /squadjoin and /squadleave client commands
    • Commanders are now named “Commander <Playername>”
    • Players are no longer able to log back in to WvW maps
    • Implemented /squadinfo and /supplyinfo
  • Mystic Forge:
    • Polish
    • Added click and drag of slotted materials
    • Added flames!
    • Added a quantity check for ingredients that require a certain item count before we
      request to forge a new item
    • The Mystic Forge can take consumable subtypes
    • Sparkly polish
    • Now compares are weight class
    • Now uses upgrade component types
    • Added support for a “none” trinket type
    • We hide the ingredient slots while animating then fade them back in when we display thereward dialog
    • Fixed being able to match item subtypes correctly if set to “any”
  • Ranger:
    • Pets can no longer be swapped out to instantly come back to life
  • Fixed the guild vault to not crash other players who are viewing the Vault
Input Bindings
  • The world map now closes while you’re in a cinematic
  • The world map now shows up properly
  • Ranger profession skill 2 now works
  • Hooked up the WvW score screen to the new keybind action
  • Extended mouse buttons work now
  • Actions are now set to inactive when the Ul gains focus
  • Added the option to reset all actions to their defaults
  • Fixed some bugs with underwater interaction
  • ItemDef logs the coin paid and the item now
  • Some backend stuff for the camera has been optimized
  • If a controlled character is more than a certain distance away from a specific other
    character, don’t update their terrain type (this prevents an extra raycast)
  • WvW:
    • Commander markers should no longer cause severe server lag
  • The hint dialog is disabled on non-dev builds
  • The installer has been disabled on live
  • Beginnings of the reward Ul have gone in
  • The reward manager persists through different types of rewards (IE daily/monthly
    achievement completion, map completion, tournament loot)
  • VOcan now play for hints
  • NPC interaction icons have been corrected
  • Sorting arrows are no longer displayed if you cannot sort
  • Shard selection dialog boxes resize themselves dynamically to fit the strings they contain
  • Level up unlock alerts are now level up unlock hints
  • Max level experience bar polish/issue fixup
  • Character select doesn’t kick you back to character creation
  • The commerce panel uses the commerce background again
  • Inventory defaults to 5 units wide
  • Achievement alert polish
  • The party Ul shows team members again
  • “Move to Target” option moved up in the options dialog
  • Added a reset button to the Mystic Forge
  • The experience bar can now show Glory
  • Skill damage floaters are no longer deferred to later attacks
  • Mystic item tooltips
  • Fixed an image scaling bug
  • Client gadgets were substituting Blue/Green shard names into the wrong areas
  • Mystic Forge now pops up a dialog box when you discover a recipe
  • Added a (possibly temporary) overflow label to the compass when in an overflow map
  • Guaranteed and selectable rewards have been swapped
  • Fixed a reward dialog sizing bug
  • Added the option to disable AoE rings
  • The experience bar displays properly at level 80
  • Persistent reward select alerts show up under the map layer
  • Hero dialog PvP polish
  • Skill challenge markers should no longer be broken
  • The window buttons have backgrounds
  • Window visibility checks have been improved
  • We now display the name of the item that’s in an invalid slot
  • Added new URLs that direct to GW2 support
  • Added character context menu options for travelling to a party member’s shard
  • Select reward alerts have been moved away from the side of the screen
  • Professions that did not have a hue value now have one
  • Reward polish
  • Only show the keybinds tab when logged in
  • Compass:
    • Reducing object count for better performance (for now)
  • World select:
    • Re-added world filtering that checks for content per world
  • WvW:
    • Enemy pets and players are named with their shard name instead of team color
    • Sectors can be marked up to have their shard name displayed
    • Added “Go to WvW” button to the WvW score screen
    • Commander markers no longer disappear after exiting a siege weapon
    • Join WvW buttons use the correct world name for maps and actually take players
      to WvW on Alpha
    • Left-clicking on a commander icon opens a context menu (with only one option at the moment)
    • The chat user context menu has an option to join that player’s squad
  • Chat:
    • Team chatting is prevented in all non-WvW and non-PvP maps
    • Team chat is now game-server based
    • Player scene and chatter lines are not shown as bubbles
    • Support for map-wide chat (/shout, /yell, /y) has been hooked up
    • /say and /local are now radius and reporting based instead of event based
    • (current radius is 2000)

  • Hints:
    • Dialog now updates as hints are completed
    • Category heights are now consistent
    • Downed penalty hint
    • Conditions
    • Boons
    • Equipment broken
    • Waypoints
    • Achievements
    • Damaged equipment
    • Upgrade components
    • Crafting stations
    • Resource nodes
    • Stealing
    • Fixed the attunement hint
    • Change the Adrenaline and Life Force hints to require two uses to complete
      each hint
    • Salvage kits
    • Ranger pet bar
    • Ranger pet controls
    • Guardian virtues
    • Mesmer shatters
    • Engineer tool belt
    • Meta events
    • Renown rewards
    • Ranger pet charm
    • Pet panel
    • Escape now cancels out of hints
    • Added a “New” category to the hint dialog
    • Added “NEW” indicators for recently completed hints
    • Party invites
    • Text now displays properly
  • PvP:
    • Fixed an error response from Play Now noticed during BWE1
    • Added the tournament Ul (and polish)
    • PvP now sends grand totals of glory and rank points earned during
      the match for display on the client
    • Match countdown UI
    • Fixed the experience bar hiding in PvP
    • Tournament roster fixes
    • The match countdown isn’t displayed if you’re already in a match
    • Tournament invite button bling
    • Added a tooltip to the PvP scoreboard join team button
    • The tournament roster now handles scrolling
    • The roster size is limited to the max team size
    • Added a roster button to the tournament details
    • Cumulative Glory is no longer shown in the hero dialog
    • Added more error strings for tournament errors
    • The tournament roster now sorts
  • Guild:
    • Emblem – Update the paper doll when the guild changes
    • The vault log shows the amounts that are deposited or withdrawn
  • Mystic Forge:
    • The “Forge” button will only be enabled when 4 items with a match are slotted
    • Inventory items fade in/out over time
    • General polish
    • Enable/disable the craft and reset buttons based on the slotted item count
  • Items:
    • Transmuted items are no longer colored purple; they now take on the rarity
      color of their attribute item
    • Legendary items are now purple
  • Launcher:
    • Localized text and text box have been resized for the stress test
    • The launcher now shows the amount downloaded
    • Large numbers are no longer bugged
    • Auto-play has been fixed
  • Inventory:
    • We log the deletion of items on import if the item type changes so we can
      attempt to move items that can’t be imported to the equipment to inventory
      or overflow
  • Skill point challenges added


Source: Reddit – Ganktastic

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  1. WHAT.. WHAT!!

    “Mouse-looking no longer drives a characters movement unless they’re executing an upper body skill”

    Excuse me? Seriously, if this is true. Then Guild Wars 2 just went downhill by A LOT.
    This will restrict PvP and WvWvW so much.
    If someone is attacking me from behind. I don’t fricken want to use “A” and “D” Buttons to slowly turn around to face them.

    Wow. Arena net.. Idiotic patch.

    • Some of the guys at reddit had some theories about that.
      If they’re right it’s not as bad as you think.

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