Waiting for GW2 Wintersday event

The hours may seem very long if you are waiting for the Wintersday patch. According to Anthony Ordon, ArenaNet’s Game Designer – there is no specific time when the Wintersday event will start:

The patch will go live sometime today, but I can’t provide a specific time. I apologize for the inconvenience.
Anthony Ordon

The game update will arrive at sometime today, Pacific Time (which is the time zone in which our development studio is based). We do not have a specific time at which it will go live.
The first event which will occur at a specific time will happen tomorrow, December 15, per the schedule on the website.
Regina Buenaobra


What we know about Wintersday event so far:

  • Any rewards tied to a specific day will be attainable when those days are available for replay at the end. Anthony Ordon
  • You can be any level to participate in any of the main stage Wintersday content. And yes, there are both level-appropriate and level independent rewards.
  • You have two weeks to claim the final reward. – Anthony Ordon
  • You will have until January 3rd to enjoy the content. Regina Buenaobra
  • I would not expect difficult combat challenges in holiday updates. The reception of including such content with the Halloween update was very poor. Anthony Ordon
  • The transition of the airship departing and arriving is at 10 AM PST each day , but all of the actual content is available at-will, all day long. Antony Ordon