GW2 Super Adventure Box Back to School Guides

Today, the extremely popular GW2 Super Adventure Box – Back to School will be available. New update contains old World 1 and new World 2 with three maps: Rapids, Pain Cliffs and Storm Top. This time three modes will be available: easy – Infantile Mode, Normal Mode and super hard – Tribulation Mode represented by an Infantile Clouda, Villager and Grumpy Cloud respectively.


World 1

Players who completed Super Adventure Box World 1 achievements can continue through the World 2. If you haven’t completed the World 1, don’t worry, all achievements will be available again.

World 2

World 2 offers 13 new achievements which can be completed by finding secret rooms and baubles. New game update introduces new features like spin flowers which allow you to make long jumps, and obstacles like disappearing clouds, flying piranhas, red-bordered doors and much more.
World 2 Zone 1 Achievements

World 2 Zone 2 Achievements

World 2 Zone 3 Achievements

World 2 Global Achievements