GW2 Bachelor of Baubles World 2 Zone 2 guide

In order to complete Bachelor of Baubles World 2 achievement you should collect 42 baubles in World 2, Zone 2 in one playthrough. Baubles from foes aren’t counted.
From the Start to the Checkpoint 1
The first blue bauble is right behind the first Shopkeeper, and the second and third ones are easily spotted from the starting shopkeeper, and requires a few jumps.

Another Blue bauble is hidden behind the assassin, right after you pass the first big mountain. Last two Blue Baubles are right before the checkpoint one.

From the Checkpoint 1 to the Checkpoint 2
Next Blue Bauble is at the top of the first building you encounter after the checkpoint one. Bellow the roof, there is a room with wooden door that can be crushed with Glove of Wisdom (Push Glove, that you get upon defeating the first World 2 Zone 2 mini boss) with a chest in it. If you are playing this on Infantile mode, as you should, a key for opening the chest can be bought in the first hidden room in front of you.

Another Blue Bauble comes right after you pass the first spike trap. Next Blue Bauble is at the top of the building, reachable after using a flower. From there you can easily notice another blue bauble, on your way toward the next checkpoint.

From the Checkpoint 2 to the Checkpoint 3
From the Checkpoint 3 to the Checkpoint 4
As you climb up on the rocks from checkpoint 2, turn left, there is another Blue Bauble. Another hidden Blue Bauble is next to a Shortcut Eagle. In on order to reach this area, near the flower that pushes you toward this area, stand at the corner of that platform, and jump on a cloud in the distance. You’ll need a push glove here, in order to climb up on the top of the tree and reach Blue Bauble.

Note: At the end of the Shortcut Eagle phase, we get teleported to a place only reachable through this phase. This place is above the last checkpoint, and it has 5 Blue Baubles. After we picked up 2nd to last Blue Bauble in this zone, you should return to the Shortcut Eagle, and pick up those 5 Blue Baubles.
At the top of the rock structure, there is a hidden room, where you can buy a key and turn back in order to open chest we have missed, and obtain red bauble.

Next two Blue Baubles are both on the left side of the road that leads to next checkpoint. The first one you can easily notice, while the second one demands hard jump, or push from the flower. Path from this bauble leads to the hidden room.

From the Checkpoint 4 to the Checkpoint 5

Near mini assassin boss, that gives Hand of Wisdom (push glove) there is only one Blue Bauble on the second floor.

From the Checkpoint 5 to the Checkpoint 6

There is one Blue Bauble on the second floor. It is surrounded with spike traps, you can always jump and die while grabbing it, if you do not want to bothered with puzzle.

From the Checkpoint 6 to the Checkpoint 7

Right after the previous checkpoint, start climbing up to the roof. From there you can notice 9 Blue Baubles in the distance.

At the end of this checkpoint area, there is a chest at the top of the building with 2 Red Baubles in it. You can open the chest with a key bough in the next hidden shop, just after the next checkpoint.

From the Checkpoint 7 to the Checkpoint 8

From the Checkpoint 8 to the Checkpoint 9

One bauble inside room with frogs. You should grab it with your whip ability since it is surrounded with spike traps. At the top of the building with frogs, there are 2 Blue Baubles.

From the Checkpoint 9 to the Checkpoint 10

At the first floor in the building with Gong, there is one Blue Bauble.

In order to collect Purple Bauble, you should pick up the key from the hidden room, bellow the building with Gong. After picking it up, climb up at the top of the building with gong, and jump on a rock pillar with a flower. Placing a bomb will open a hidden room, and another hidden room inside, with the entrance that needs to be bombed. This leads to the chest with Purple Bauble in.

Get back to the pillar with flower, this time jump down to a nearby building roof with one Blue Bauble on.

One more time, get back to the pillar with flower, this time use the flower to push toward the mountain in the distance, keep following the path to the left, crossing through the wooden maze. Across the Raccoon Kingpin there, near the forest, plant a bomb, in order to reveal hidden room entrance. Flute song at the end of this hidden room reveals another hidden room entrance with Purple Bauble.

From the Checkpoint 10 to the Checkpoint 11

From the Checkpoint 11 to the Checkpoint 12

There is one Blue Bauble on the wooden platform at this phase. (After picking up this Bauble, you should make long run to the Shortcut Eagle).

From the Checkpoint 12 to the Checkpoint 13

5 Blue Baubles at the top of the wooden beams, above the bell, before the last checkpoint, are reachable at the end of the Shortcut Eagle phase.

From the Checkpoint 13 to the Cage

The final Blue Bauble comes after the last Checkpoint.