GW2 Associate of Secrets World 2 Zone 1 achievement guide

In order to complete Associate of Secrets World 2 achievement you should find every hidden room in World 2 Zone 1. There are 11 hidden rooms. In the list below you can see all hidden places that we found so far. Some of them count toward achievement, some of them are dig spots, and some of them give nothing.

From the start to the Checkpoint 1
Hidden Room 1&2 (nothing): When you enter Zone 1, there are 2 well know hidden places. The first one is behind the waterfall (turn right), and the other one is when you turn left.
Hidden Room 3 (nothing): The third hidden place is behind a waterfall, after the first wooden bridge.

From the Checkpoint 1 to the Checkpoint 2
Hidden Path 1 (dig spot): At the end of the first waterfall’s slide, jump on a high rock structure, then jump behind the waterfall to the other side. At the nearby pool, dig out possible chest.

Hidden Path 2 (dig spot): Just before the series of wooden bridges, turn left. Jump on a pillar (follow the path by the river). From the pillar, jump to the other side with another waterfall. This is the second possible dig spot.

From the Checkpoint 2 to the Checkpoint 3
We didn’t find any hidden rooms or dig spot.
From the Checkpoint 3 to the Checkpoint 4
Wooden Bridge Phase.
From the Checkpoint 4 to the Checkpoint 5
Raft phase. Keep moving around when new assassin appears on the raft. If you don’t die you’ll complete Achievement “It Was An Ambush“.
From the Checkpoint 5 to the Checkpoint 6
Hidden Path 3 (Chest and Baubles): After jumping onto a pillar between two large platforms, jump down where another flower is. Proceed toward the waterfalls. This is a hidden place that guides you toward the hidden chest, and green, yellow and blue baubles. Following this plateau toward the next checkpoint, you can notice in the distance, hidden bauble, at the end of this plateau there is a possible dig spot.

From the Checkpoint 6 to the Checkpoint 7
Sprout of water phase.
From the Checkpoint 7 to the Checkpoint 8
Hidden Room 4 (Achievement) After passing by the Checkpoint 7 turn left, go up the hill, then jump up on the rocks. When you reach the top, jump on the small rock in the waterfall and follow the path. Throw a bomb at the wall.

Hidden Path 4 (Baubles): In front of the Checkpoint 7, there are Hillbillies and Raccoons, that spawn when you approach Hillbillies. Follow Raccoons to his Raccoon Kingpin, and you will see a wooden log. Attack the log and you’ll get baubles.

Hidden Room 5 (Achievement) Inside the forest, there is an Orange Tree that you can burn. There is a bear next to the tree. After you defeat the bear, and burn the tree, place a bomb behind the burned tree. This will open the entrance to Hidden Place 4.

Hidden Path 5 (Baubles): Under the Hillbillies there is a hidden path that leads toward the yellow bauble. In order to reach it you should make one lethal jump on the lower rock, and follow the path. Jump on two mushrooms in order to reach hidden yellow bauble.

Hidden Room 6 (Achievement) : Do not leave this area yet. At the same level, where the hidden yellow bauble is, blow up pile of rocks on the wall (use a bomb), this will open a secret room, with lots of Hillbillies, and the red bauble at the end. Leaving this cave, leads you to plateau with a bear. This is the spot near the next checkpoint, so we can mark it as a shortcut.

Hidden Room 7 (Achievement, big thanks to Izo Yukimura): If you follow the normal path, as soon as you come to the large waterfall slide, turn right and jump on a rock bellow, throw a bomb at the waterfall, and jump down the gap between the rock you are standing on, and the waterfall. This takes you to a hidden Room 7 with possible red bauble in it.

Hidden Path 6 (Baubles): At the large waterfall slide, follow the first path of wooden beams, toward a small water sprout. Following this path, it will guide you toward 2 baubles, and another Shopkeeper House. If you fall down while jumping over the flowers, let Hillbillies kill you, otherwise, if you kill all of them you will have to start all over again, this is a trap!

Hidden Room 8 (Achievement): Entering shop keeper house counts toward the hidden places achievement.

Hidden Room 9 (Achievement): Place a bomb and jump inside.

Hidden Room 10 (Achievement): Once you exit Shop Keeper House, turn right, and throw a bomb on the wall. You will get an entrance to new cave.

Hidden Room 11 (Achievement): Inside the cave, there are two rooms with frogs. In the second room, turn right and throw a bomb on the wall. Enter the room with frogs and you’ll see a Shopkeeper where you can hear emote: The owls are not what they seem. This refers to the owls in hidden room 9. The owls in there are fake and give you baubles (big thanks to TenkenSan).

From the Checkpoint 8 to the Checkpoint 9
Hidden Room 12 (Acheivement, big thanks to Everlist and pyrogen32): At the large waterfall slide, jump on the first wooden beam at the top. At the point where you can spot two mushrooms at the side, by looking toward the rock structure you have came from, throw a bomb into the waterfall, and enter hidden room 12.

Hidden Path 7 (Chest bauble): At the end of the large waterfall, if you do not succeed in passing to the other side through jumping over a wood beams, there is a hidden or not so hidden path, that you enter while hugging waterfall while descending into the oblivion. Many bears stand on your way to the top, chest and checkpoint.

From the Checkpoint 9 to the Checkpoint 10
Unknown hidden rooms.

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  1. there is a hidden shop in the large waterfall with the wooden beams. the shop is behind the waterfall when you ride down the first one. you need to throw a bomb to open it

  2. There is a secret shop at the large waterfall slide 😉 Jump on the first wooden beam and look at the wall. At one point you can blow up the wall behind the waterfall. Now i just need one more secret for zone 1 😉 Hope you can find it 🙂

  3. “The owls are not what they seem.” refers to the owls in hidden room 8.
    The owls in there are fake and give you baubles.

  4. unable to do anything with shopkeeper at HR10. nothing in the room to buy and he’s not right-clickable. guess mine’s bugged.

  5. there’s another small empty room after the “frogger” section. at end of river log crossing, go towards waterfalls and get blue bauble. go further towards waterfalls by burning down 2 orange trees to get to bear. you can go into the thin waterfall in that bear area.
    also you should update hidden room 3 to say there’s a green bauble after hopping water spouts.

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