GW2 Major in Enhancement Achievement Guide

In order to acquire GW2 Major in Enhancement Achievement, you have to find or buy all World 2 item upgrades. There are 10 available item upgrades scattered through all three zones, but most of them are inside the third zone.
Note: If you have all items from the World 1, as part of achievement Minor In Enhancement, you should have 1/10 of Major In Enhancement Achievement from World 2.

World 2 Zone 1 item upgrades

2. Improved Shovel
At the end of Zone one, just before the 2nd to last Checkpoint, in the Shopkeeper house facing the zone 1 cage, you can find and buy Improved Shovel called Nice Scoop for 325 baubles.

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GW2 Associates of Baubles World 2 Guide

In order to complete Associates of Baubles World 2 achievement you should collect every World 2, Zone 1 bauble in one playthrough.
Tips: Acquiring this achievement in Infantile mode will save your time, but you should buy Keys to unlock the chests since the mobs don’t drop the Keys in this mode.
From the Start to the Checkpoint 1
Inside a hidden room on the ground level of Zone 1, with many water sprouts, you can find Red Bauble at the end of sprouts path. Another bauble this time Yellow Bauble is inside another hidden room, behind waterfall just befor the 2nd Checkpoint.

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GW2 Bachelor of Secrets World 2 Zone 2 achievement guide

In order to complete GW2 Bachelor of Secrets World 2 achievement you have to find every hidden room in World 2 Zone 2.
From the start to the Checkpoint 3
From the Checkpoint 3 to the Checkpoint 4

Hidden Room 1: Following the secret path toward the World 2 zone 2 shortcut, through a flower push, and a hidden cloud, keep climbing toward the upper part of that mountain. Place bomb between various tree branches and enter the hidden room 1.

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GW2 Wings of Justice Achievement guide

GW2 Wings of Justice Achievement takes place right after the first beam scale puzzle, and the checkpoint you pass.

  • When you reach the flower, turn around toward the small cloud behind the big rock structure nearby. When you jump on the cloud, proceed quickly since the cloud will disappear.
  • Then, on next plateau, push the box several times. Jump on the box, and climb on the bird at the top.
  • After that, you’ll be teleported on the bird’s back. This is where the shortcut for Zone 2 starts. But, be careful, there are several owls and you can be knocked back on impact with them. You can easily pass this phase by turning your camera toward your bird’s tail. Using this method, you can easily spot owls coming from behind. It’s very important to dodge them, since the front incoming owls can be avoided by standing on bird’s helmet.
  • Successfully surviving this challenge takes you to the last checkpoint in Zone 2.

GW2 Associate of Secrets World 2 Zone 1 achievement guide

In order to complete Associate of Secrets World 2 achievement you should find every hidden room in World 2 Zone 1. There are 11 hidden rooms. In the list below you can see all hidden places that we found so far. Some of them count toward achievement, some of them are dig spots, and some of them give nothing.
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GW2 Tiptoe Achievement Guide

GW2 Tiptoe achievement can be obtained if you complete World 2 Zone 1 without angering any Hillbilies. Most of them you can easily bypass, but the last group is little tricky. After the part with wooden beams, you will come across a Shop Keeper house (you can see the Zone chest in the cage behind the house, in the distance). When you turn right, you will see two Hillbilies on the main road. Next to the Shop Keeper house you will notice a yellow barrel. Destroy it and a crescent will appear. Just run through it, and you’ll become invisible. Also, avoid red barrels because they explode.

GW2 Clockwork Chaos Walkthrough

The nefarious villain, Scarlet Briar, has made herself known to Tyria! Chaos ensues as she unleashes her clockwork minions across the world.
To start Clockwork Chaos, enter story instance inside The Crown Pavilion. Instance is quite easy, you need to disarm bombs and at the end to kill Veteran Twisted Nightmare.
At the end you get Closing Ceremony Attendee and Holographic Communicator which is needed for further progress.

Gw2 Clockwork chaos achievement
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GW2 Zodiac Weapon Skins

GW2 Zodiac Weapon Skins are now available for purchase from the Black Lion Weapon Specialist. This weapon skin set is inspired by the classic Guild Wars Zodiac weapons. For a limited time only, until September 16, these weapon skins cost only 1 Black Lion Claim Ticket. Claim Ticket Scraps can be acquired by opening Black Lion Chests. Black Lion Chest Keys are available in the Gem Store in the Consumable category for 125 gems each or a pack of 5 for 450 gems.

Zodiac Axe Skin

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GW2 The Queen’s Gauntlet

GW2 The Queen’s Gauntlet is a new 1v1 arena, where players can test their skills versus various difficult NPCs. You can find six arenas flowing high in the air in The Crown Pavilion.

Basic Information

  • The Queen’s Gauntlet is an arena type of match, where you should defeat chosen NPC in timely manner (2+ minutes, if not defeated in timely manners, floor of arena opens, and you fall down).
  • There are three tiers of competitor bosses that you can choose to fight with.
  • Their difficulty rises as tiers go higher, you open new competitors by defeating the easier ones.
  • Tier one has 4 bosses and their names are:
    1. Halmi Hammerfell
    2. Doobroosh
    3. Windcaller Kieldia
    4. Suriel the Blazing Light


  • Tier two has 4 bosses and their names are:
    1. Tyre Ragemaw
    2. Masticus
    3. Salazan
    4. The crew of the pirate ship Ravenous


  • Tier three has 4 bosses and their names are:
    1. Subject 7
    2. Deadeye Dunwell
    3. Strugar and Chomper
    4. Liadri the Concealing Dark


Additional Challenges

  • Additional Challenges can be added when you activate a gambit (unique disadvantages that you can activate at Master of Gambits NPC)
  • Defeating Bosses with active gambits reward in special achievements and additional rewards.
  • There are 7 gambits, where you can activate around 4 at the same time. Each of them costs one ticket
  • Their names and unique disadvantages are:
    1. I’ll try the Exhausted gambit. Who needs to dodge roll anyway? – Your dodge roll is disable with zero endurance.
    2. I pick one Fire gambit. A little burning won’t hurt much. – You have burning condition during the time in area.
    3. I’ll take Frailty gambit. Getting hit is for chumps. – Damage from incoming attacks is increased.
    4. I’ll try the Squeamish gambit. Is there going to be blood? – Damage player does is reduced.
    5. I’ll try Hamstrung. Even crippled, I won’t be beaten. – You have cripple condition during the time in arena.
    6. I’ll try Tremors. A duel in the middle of an earthquake? How dramatic. – From time to time while you are in arena, you get knocked down.
    7. I’ll take on a Crowd Favorite. Being outnumbered never stopped me. – You fight an additional opponent inside of arena.

GW2 The Crown Pavilion

Test yourself in an entirely new mini-zone featuring mighty representations of humanity’s enemies. By representing various cities of Tyria, you can be named champion of a nation and gain access to unique reward vendors. In order to enter The Crown Pavilion you should progress through the Queen’s Jubilee Opening Ceremony first. This event takes place at the same area where you have completed The Crown Pavilion, it represents the prologue to Pavilion itself.

Basic Information

  • Portal that takes you to The Crown Pavilion area is at the Western Divinity’s Reach. Right next to the Crown Pavilion Waypoint.
  • This is up to 30 players instanced, circular map area, that is divided into six different areas.
  • Each one of them is themed. We have: 1-Centaurs; 2-Pirates; 3-Destroyers; 4-Ogres; 5-Bandits; 6-Flamelegion;
  • Each one of them has specific boss that is goal of up to usually two group active events at the time.
  • Events are scaled for group from 10 to 30 players.
  • Bosses grant penalty to entire arena if not killed.
  • 3-Destroyer Boss grants heatwave penalty – regenerate endurance slower. 5-Bandit Boss is planting bombs around corners and doorways. 6-Flamelegion’s boss rains down searing crystals all around the place.
  • You can represent various cities of Tyria, by talking with the representative NPC Emissary at the middle of The Crown Pavilion, and work your way toward the achievements.
  • Different Emissaries give different boon.
    1. 1-Lion’s Arch Emissary – Champion of the Council (Increased plate resistance and magic find. Reduce incoming condition duration).
    2. 2-Grove Emissary – Champion of Pale Tree (Increased destroyer resistance and magic find. Regenerate HP).
    3. 3-Rata Sum Emissary- Champion of the Collages (Increased critical chance, ogre resistance, and magic find).
    4. 4-Hoelbrak Emmisary- Champion of the Wild (Increased endurance regeneration, bandit resistance, and magic find)
    5. 5-Black Citadel Emissary- Champion of the Legions (Increased condition damage, Flame Legion resistance, and magic find).
    6. 6-Ebonhawke Emissary- Champion of the Crown (Increased Centaur resistance and magic find. Reflect Damage).
  • Event rewards come as: Cogs – special event rewards currency, Queens Gauntlet tickets and more.
  • High in air in The Crown Pavilion you can find The Queen’s Gauntlet, increasingly difficult challenges of single-combat against unique bosses.