GW2 Associates of Baubles World 2 Guide

In order to complete Associates of Baubles World 2 achievement you should collect every World 2, Zone 1 bauble in one playthrough.
Tips: Acquiring this achievement in Infantile mode will save your time, but you should buy Keys to unlock the chests since the mobs don’t drop the Keys in this mode.
From the Start to the Checkpoint 1
Inside a hidden room on the ground level of Zone 1, with many water sprouts, you can find Red Bauble at the end of sprouts path. Another bauble this time Yellow Bauble is inside another hidden room, behind waterfall just befor the 2nd Checkpoint.

From the Checkpoint 1 to the Checkpoint 2
There are 4 Blue Baubles on your way through this Zone section.

From the Checkpoint 2 to the Checkpoint 3
One Blue Bauble on your way through this zone.

From the Checkpoint 3 to the Checkpoint 4
On the long wooden bridge, you will come across 4 Blue Baubles.

From the Checkpoint 4 to the Checkpoint 5
During the Raft ride there are no baubles that count toward the Associate of Baubles achievement.
From the Checkpoint 5 to the Checkpoint 6
If you are playing on infantile mode, buy a key in the shop to the left after Checkpoint 5. Jumping onto the middle pillar between two large platforms, makes you collect 1 Blue Bauble. From here jump onto lower level of the same pillar, on the platform with flower. Direction we want to go now, is the middle of the waterfall in the distance. In a hidden room inside, there is a 1 Yellow Bauble, 1 Green Bauble, 2 Blue Baubles (2nd one is on the platform across the one you climb on from the hidden room), 1 Red Bauble from the chest.

From the Checkpoint 6 to the Checkpoint 7
Sprouts zone, no baubles here.
From the Checkpoint 7 to the Checkpoint 8
As soon as you pass Checkpoint 7, turn left, climb up the small hill, and continue up the hill. Climb up to the top, and then proceed jumping onto a small rock inside a waterfall. Follow the path until you reach the yellow plateau. Throw a bomb at the wall, and proceed to collect a Green Bauble. Turn back to the checkpoint 7.

Just after Checkpoint 7, there is a small hidden wood with Raccoon Kingpin inside, (follow the Raccoons near Hillbillies at the end of the platform in front of Checkpoint 7, if you are not sure where it is). This forest hides 3 Blue Baubles, and one hidden room with 4 Blue Baubles. This hidden room is behind Orange tree that you can burn, right next to a bear. Place bomb behind burned Orange Tree to reveal hidden entrance.

As you approach big river with crocodiles and wooden beams, hold on for a second. Turn right and jump on a small plateau bellow. Throw a bomb in a corner of waterfall. There is a hidden room with a Red Bauble.

Now we need to continue toward the hidden Shopkeeper room above Checkpoint 7. In order to reach it, jump on the first wooden beam, and keep riding it until the end of waterfall. From there jump over 2 rocks, and 1 sprout to the other side. On this path you’ll come across 2 baubles. Climb up toward the mushrooms, and flowers that throw you toward the Shopkeeper House.

Throw a bomb at the wall next to the Shopkeeper house. This opens a passage to another hidden room. There are 2 Blue Baubles inside the room. Entering the second room with frogs in it, next to the 2nd Blue Bauble throw a bomb at the wall (to the right from entrance) in order to reveal additional hidden entrance, and 1 Green Bauble.

From the Checkpoint 7, just after the Hillbillies, there is a hidden path, toward a river. This path guides you to a Yellow Bauble, and a hidden room entrance. When you reach the end of this hidden path, jump over 2 mushrooms in order to collect hidden Yellow Bauble. Keep an eye on the wall with pile of rocks. You can throw a bomb and discover hidden room entrance. Inside the room, at its very end, there is a Red Bauble. When you exit the hidden room, there is another Blue Bauble.

Do not forget to buy a key from a Shopkeeper shop before continuing.
From the Checkpoint 8 to the Checkpoint 9
Use the teleporter at the bottom of the waterfall to reach the top, then jump down and collect Blue Bauble.

Just before the Checkpoint 9, there is a hidden chest with Purple Bauble. Turn toward the rocks at the end of the waterfall and use a flower to jump, then climb up to the chest.

From the Checkpoint 9 to the Checkpoint 10
Near the Checkpoint 10 use a flower to reach a blue bauble on the rock. From there make another flower jump toward a blue bauble in the distance.