Auric Basin Map of POIs, Waypoints, Vistas, Hero Challenges and more

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map of Auric Basin

Region: Magus Falls | Level: 80-80 |

Point of Interest Vista Waypoint Hero challenge Event – Location/NPC to defend
Northwatch Priory Camp Eastgate Vista Wanderer’s Waypoint Young Mushrooms Protect Burnisher Kengo as she activates the mirrors around the Northwatch outpost.
Bramble Plateau Weeping Glade Vista Northwatch Waypoint Suspicious Orichalcum Node Guard Scholar Keenwit as he translates druid markings.
New Skrittington The Falls Vista Westwatch Waypoint Champion Tarnished Sage Gather meat from saurian nests to attract the wyvern away from the Mossheart pylon.
Thornwatch New Skrittington Vista Chak Hollow Waypoint Burnisher Quarry Help Speelunkk explore the cave.
Jawatl Grounds Burnisher Quarry Vista Southwatch Waypoint Toxin-Cured Hog [Group Event] Defend Tarocheeki’s mushrooms until they have all popped out of the ground.
Endurance Crash Site Inner Chamber Vista Forgotten City Waypoint Notice to Trespassers Defend Dawkkurra as she gathers saurian eggs for her feast.
Southgate   Eastwatch Waypoint Exalted Overlook [Group Event] Defend Exalted Sage Manssir as he activates the Thornwatch pylon.
Westgate     Ancient Golem Part Escort Exalted Sage Manssir to Morwood Wilds.
Eastgate     Balthazar’s Statue [Group Event] Take medical supplies to downed Pact soldiers and escort them back to the Pact rally point.
Legacy Pillars     Egg Clutch [Group Event] Escort and defend Sage Gorra as she activates the Griffonfall pylon.
Capitzel Grounds     Mordrem Flower  
Sealed Passageway        
Weeping Glade        
Eastwatch Ruins        
Vinetooth Den        
Fahautl Grounds        
Overseer’s Cave        
Quazupl Grounds        
Inner Chamber        
Luminate’s Throne        
Masks of the Fallen        
Event – Destination or point of interest Event – Location of a fight Event – Boss enemy Mastery point  
Enchanted Armor Challenge: Be the first to reach the finish line! Destroy the vines blocking Tarir’s south entrance. [Group Event] Slay the South Octovine! Maguuma Mastery Insight  
Collect sediment from the fallen Exalted for Arcanist Mariette. Rescue the Pact survivors trapped in debris. [Group Event] Help Sage Vasanni defeat the legendary wyvern and power up the pylon. Slice of Sky Strongbox  
Help Dawkkurra with her feast. Destroy the feeder to prevent the blighted sapling from producing Mordrem. [Group Event] Slay the North Octovine! Lastgear Standing Insight  
    [Group Event] Defeat the Tarnished Traitor. Masks of the Fallen Insight  
    [Group Event] Defeat Auran the Golden Ooze to free Sage Essher. The Falls Insight  
    [Group Event] Defeat the gold guzzler to find the remaining pieces of Sage Volaar. Southwatch Creep Insight  
    [Group Event] Prevent Blight Tender Monocot from reaching the blighted saplings. Eastwatch Bluff Insight  
    Defeat Overseer Rannik and rescue Adanich. Luminate’s Throne Insight  
    [Group Event] Rescue Jett from the belly of the champion Mordrem teragriff. Straight and Narrow Strongbox  
      Endurance Strongbox  
      Vengeance Rising Strongbox  
      Obsidian Triumph Strongbox  

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