Guild Wars 2 Siege Weapons

Gw2-supply-depotThere are two types of Siege weapons: Offensive and Defensive Weapons. Siege weapons can only be used by the team that created them. When you equip it, it will change the first five skills on your skill bar. The opponents can attack, damage / destroy the structures. If the weapon is destroyed you can rebuild it.


Offensive siege weapons

blueprintsTo build an Offensive siege weapon you need a blueprint and some supply. You can buy blueprints from a Siegemaster NPC who is located within your “home base” area on each map . Blueprints are also available as drops from guards and dolyaks. Currently, blueprints cost between 4 silver and 1 gold depending on the type (info from BW2).

When you double-click the blueprint, your skill bar will change to a ground-targeted skill so you can select where you’d like to place the build site for your weapon. The construction site will appear wherever you click. Anyone in your team can help with the construction by adding their supply to the site. Each player can carry up to 10 supplies at a time. With the exception of the siege golem, all siege weapons are stationary and cannot be moved.

Offensive siege weapons:

    Trebuchet-Gw2-siege-weaponTrebuchet Blueprints -Require 100 supplies, costs 16 silvers, range 10,000
    Trebuchet are long-range weapons which primary function is to deal heavy area damage to walls and moderate damage to gates. A Trebuchet Blueprints in WvW can be rotated to face any direction, but keep in mind that it’s a very slow action. When opponents set up bunch of arrow carts you need something to attack the walls out of their reach – the trebuchet!

    Trebuchets have amazing range, but the downside is the fact that you’re not always able to see the aim. The range on these things is so long that you can end up firing into the fog in the distance, completely blind. That’s why you need spotters who will navigate your shots.

    When placing a trebuchet try to find high, inaccessible areas. If you manage to place it higher than the target, it will have more range and the harder it will be for enemies to reach it. Trebuchets are expensive, they require 100 supplies, thus, place them in inaccessible areas and guard with several players.

    Keep in mind that guardian’s projectile shields block catapult and trebuchet fire.
    Firing cows with the trebuchet creates gigantic poison cloud that covers a large area, causing heavy damage to anyone that enters it.

    Turn LeftPress and hold to turn your trebuchet to the left.  
    Fire Press and hold to fire a trebuchet shot. Hold down to shoot further 10,0005s
    Turn right Press and hold to turn your trebuchet to the right.
    Load Tainted Cows *

    Load Explosive Shot
    Load decaying cows that explode in a poisonous cloud when they land
    Load shots that explode on impact

    * Load Tainted Cows is only available in WvW.


    Arrow cart Blueprints – Require 30 supplies, costs 4 silvers, range 2,500
    These deadly projectile launchers can blanket a small area with arrows, easily cutting down flesh-and-blood enemies, but they are ineffective against walls and gates.

    The arrows have no physical trajectory. It means that even if the target is in the covered hallway, as long as you can see where you want to shoot and it is in the range, it will shoot.

    Arrow Carts are untargetable from ground forces, but they are vulnerable to the Trebuchet.
    If you want to defend something, set up the Arrow Carts in a circle and they will become a nightmare for the attacking force.

    As an engineer or a guardian you cannot use a Magnetic Shield / Guardian bubbles to reflect Arrow Carts shots because they’re an AoE effect not the projectiles.
    Elementalists have a Meteor Shower skill which can target the Arrow Carts.

    FireFire your arrow cart at the target area 2,5003s
    Fire Crippling ArrowsFire your arrow cart at the target area. Arrows that hit cripple the target. 2,5009s
    Fire Barbed ArrowsFire your arrow cart at the target area. Arrows that hit bleed the target2,5009s


    catapult-Gw2-siege-weaponsCatapult Blueprints – Require 50 supplies, costs 8 silvers, range 4,000
    A good choice for taking down walls and gates, catapults attack a larger area than arrow carts, so they can also be very effective in putting the hurt on a large group of enemies. You can load two types of ammunition in this weapon: Boulder a large rock and Gravel a bunch of smaller rocks. By default it fires Boulders, and if you want to switch to Gravel, just use the fourth skill on your skill bar.

    Turn Left Turn your Catapult to the left  
    Fire Fire Boulder
    Fire Gravel
    Turn Right Turn your Catapult to the right  
    Load Gravel
    Load Boulder
    Load gravel in to the Catapult
    Load a boulder in to the Catapult



    Ballista-Gw2-siege-weaponBallista Blueprints – Require 20 supplies, costs 6 silvers, range 3,000
    Ballista is one of the best quickly-built weapons. This siege weapon launches giant bolts that can pierce their target, dealing large amounts of damage to players, gates, and walls alike. The placement is very important, thus, try to choose effective and defensible location. Ballistas are good for attacking stationary enemies defending a wall because they require a target to fire.

    FireFire a ballista arrow through approaching enemies. Does double damage to siege weapons3,0002s
    Fire Shattering BoltFire a ballista arrow that splinters on contact, bleeding nearby targets. 3,000 10s
    Fire Reinforced ShotFire a reinforced ballista bolt. Does bonus damage to siege equipment3,00040s


    Siege_Golems_Gw2-siege-weaponSiege Golem Blueprints – Require 100 supplies, costs 1 gold, range 225
    Siege Golems are slow but powerful weapons which primary function is to deal damage to gates. In world vs. world you can build your very own golem to smash things for you. The Siege Golems are extremely slow (~60% move speed compared to a player) and don’t have ranged attacks, thus, they are easy to kite.

    PunchPunch 225
    Whirling Assault  Spin your siege suit forward, knocking back enemies. 400 12s
    Shield Bubble Engage the Hazmat suit’s shield bubble.  1,000 30s
    Pull Launch the Siege suit’s fist to pull an enemy to you 800 30s
    Eject  Eject from the Siege Golem



    Flame-Ram-Gw2-siege-weaponFlame Ram Blueprints – Require 40 supplies, costs 4 silvers, range 360
    Flame Rams are short-range weapons which primary function is to deal heavy damage to gates but unable to damage walls. His secondary function is to burn and knock back nearby players and NPCs. On the other hand, Flame Rams are vulnerable to attacks coming from the walls like Burning Pot of Oil. If I remember correctly Flame Rams do about 8k damage to doors.

    RamRam target with a forceful attack. Does extra damage to gates, knock back enemies360 
    Flame BlastVent fire all around the ram, burning enemies. Burning 2s:1,985 Damage45015s


Defensive siege weapons:

structural_upgradesTo build an Defensive siege weapon you need a Structural additions and some supply. There are two kinds of Structural upgrades: those that improve the keep walls (Structural upgrades) and those that add additional structures (Structural additions). You can buy Structural additions from a Quartermaster [Upgrades] NPC who is located near the supply depot. Structural additions consume supply as the structures are built by workers.


Each objective has its own supply depot that sends a dolyak caravan out to deliver supplies to surrounding towers and keeps. If you use up all supply in the depot, you’ll need to escort adolyak caravan so it can deliver more supply to the depot.

The list of Structural Additions:

  • Build Pot of Oil Build Pot of Oil — Adds a pot of boiling oil over the door.
  • Build Cannons Build Cannons — Adds a cannon to the walls of the tower.
  • Build Mortars Build Mortars — Build a mortar on the walls.


Defensive Siege Weapons:

    Gw2_Boiling-pots-of-oilBoiling Pots of Oil are placed above gates and walls. As we stated previously, these weapons are effective against Flame Rams. There are two attacking skills: an oil skill that drops burning boiling oil which causes significant damage and a tar skill that decreases player’s movement speed.


    Pour Oil Pour boiling oil to damage foes 600 3s
    Pour Tar Pour tar to cripple enemies 600 10s
    cannon_Gw2Cannon is a defensive weapon with a pretty good range. It rotates where you place a skill’s target. This weapon can be used against a group of enemies, and as a additional ability you can freeze the enemies or cause the opponent to bleed.

    Fire Fire an exploding cannon ball at the target location 3,750 3s
    Fire Grapeshot Fire grapeshot to Bleed enemies 3,750 10s
    Fire Iceshot Fire an ice grenade to freeze enemies at the target point 3,750 20s
    mortarMortar is a defensive long range weapon. You can load two types of ammunition: Exploding Shells and Incendiary shells. By default it fires Exploding Shells and if you want to switch to Incendiary shells just use the fourth skill on your skill bar.
    The Exploding Shells will make a huge fire cloud but it will promptly disappear, while the Incendiary shells will make a small fire explosion but it will last a few seconds.

    Turn LeftPress and hold to turn your Mortar to the left.  
    Fire Exploding Shells
    Fire Incendiary Shells
    Fire  5s
    Turn RightPress and hold to turn your Mortar to the left.  
    Load Incendiary Shells
    Load Exploding Shells
    Load Incendiary Shells
    Load Mortar Shells
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  1. Something I haven’t been able to find anywhere: when defensive weapons are destroyed by attackers how do you get them to reappear? Do they just reappear after a short time? Do the castle’s workers have to build them again? Do you have to buy them again? Is there no way to speed up the process?

    Also, I know you can buy arrow carts and ballista, etc. and place them on the walls, but is there any way to pick a spot for a defensive cannon to be placed and built? In the beta I thought I remembered a way to place cannons on the walls and them build them manually by carrying supply to them.

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