Guild Wars 2 Mini Pets

guild-wars-2-mini-pet-fire-imp Mini-pets or Miniatures are downsized versions of NPC models. These pets can follow you during your adventures but they do not fight or provide any additional storage. Currently, the Mini-pets are companions that look cute and provide entertainment. Miniatures have your character’s guild tag appended to their name while active.
Mini-pets can be obtained in several ways:

  • Purchase as Minis Pack from the Gem Store for 300 Gems
  • Purchase in auction house
  • Create in the Mystic Forge
  • Pre-purchase reward
  • Hall of Monuments rewards

A Minis Pack contains 3 randomly selected miniatures: 2 common and 1 uncommon pet.

Mini-pets have their own space in the collectibles tab of the bank. You can storage 55 mini-pets in the bank, but there are more than 55 pets. If you want to take one with you then it will take up a spot in your inventory.
If you have duplicated Mini-pets you can combine them (you need 4 Mini-pets of the same Rarity) in the Mystic Forge and get a new one. Someone wrote that if you combine 4 blue pets you will get the green one, but I got the blue one. The Mystic Forge is located in the Lion’s Arch – Mystic Plaza.

There are four rarity types of Mini-pets:

  • Fine (common)
  • Masterwork (uncommon)
  • Rare
  • Exotic


We would like to thank noizy_, David, Witchcraft, Inks, Sergei, RandomHominid, rickamore, Futurised, GalloGSM, BrianGorillabein bhavvv DaftFarm, xXraxkinXx, hunarax, Kris , galahan89 and manofwar1992 for sending us the screenshots and making great videos about Mini Pets.


Mini-pet Name Rarity Appearance
Bandit Cutpurse Fine
Bandit Saboteur Fine
Bandit Scout Fine
Brown Bear Fine
Colocal Fine
Devourer Fine
Dredge Excavator Fine
Dredge Resonator Fine
Ettin Fine
Forest Spider Fine
Frost Drake Fine
Green Moa Fine
Harathi Sharpshooter Fine
Harpy Warrior Fine
Hylek Nahualli Fine
Hylek Tlamatini Fine  
Inquest Golemcaster Fine
Inquest Technician Fine
Jungle Stalker Fine
Krait Slaver Fine
Minotaur Fine
Modniir Berserker Fine
Modniir Ice Sage Fine
Peacemaker Sharpshot Fine
Peacemaker Shocktrooper Fine
Peacemaker Soldier Fine
River Drake Fine
Seraph Archer Fine
Seraph Heavy Guard Fine
Seraph Juggernaut Fine
Seraph Mage Fine
Shaman of Jormag Fine
Skale Blighter Fine
Skritt Forager Fine
Storm Imp Fine
Svanir Hunter Fine
Swamp Spider Fine
Tamini Warrior Fine
Wasp Fine
Wolfborn Fine
Wolfborn Berserker Fine
Air Elemental Masterwork  
Ascalonian mage Masterwork
Bandit Bruiser Masterwork
Dredge Mining Suit Masterwork
Dredge Strazar Masterwork
Fire Imp Masterwork
Forest Grub Masterwork
Frost Fang Masterwork
Frost Spider Masterwork
High Inquisitor Maut Masterwork
Hylek Amini Masterwork
Hylek Cuicani Masterwork
Ice Elemental Masterwork
Inquest Extinguisher Masterwork
Mark I Assault Golem Masterwork
PK 632Z Masterwork
Polar Bear Masterwork
Seraph Medic Masterwork
Seraph Recruit Masterwork
Shade Masterwork
Snake Masterwork
Snow Troll Masterwork
Svanir Berserker Masterwork
Svanir Icebreaker Masterwork
Swamp Drake Masterwork
Windrider Masterwork
Wolfborn Hunter Masterwork
Wolfborn Shaman Masterwork
Yellow Moa Masterwork
Big Nosed Ted Rare  
Chromatic Ooze Rare
Comrade Molechev Rare
Corrupted Quaggan Rare  
Eelob Poisonfang Rare  
Eir Stegalkin Rare  
Flame Shaman Rare
Logan Thackeray Rare
Pink Moa Rare
Ragar Shardhammer Rare  
River Drake Broodmother Rare
Skarn Darkhoof Rare
Snow Leopard Rare
Vampire Bat Rare
White Moa Rare
Yaotl the Fierce Rare
Zojja Rare
Orange Tabby Cat Hall of Monuments rewards
Received after obtaining 9 Hall of Monuments points
Orrian Baby Chicken Hall of Monuments rewards
Received after obtaining 15 Hall of Monuments points
Rockfur Raccoon Hall of Monuments rewards
Received after obtaining 21 Hall of Monuments points
Red Servitor Golem Hall of Monuments rewards
Received after obtaining 27 Hall of Monuments points
Miniature Rytlock Pre-purchase rewards
Received for Digital Deluxe and Collector’s Edition of Guild Wars 2.
Mini Spooky Ghost Halloween Minipet obtain from the Guild Wars 2 Black Lions Exchange
Mini Spooky Spider Halloween Minipet obtain from the Guild Wars 2 Black Lions Exchange
Mini Spooky Skeleton Halloween Minipet obtain from the Guild Wars 2 Black Lions Exchange
Chainsaw the Skeleton Halloween Minipet obtain from in Mystic Forge as combination of 3 Halloween Mini-pets with 250 Candy Corns
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12 thoughts on “Guild Wars 2 Mini Pets

  1. Not to nitpic you’ve done an awesome job but GW’s rarity order is different to WoW. Starting with rarest to common the order should be , Green , Gold(yellow),Blue.
    So Masterwork > Rare > Fine

    Keep up the goodjob Sir ๐Ÿ™‚

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  4. Hi, I guess you may thanks me for the screenshot 50/55 minis storage ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Hi there,
    firstly, awesome website.
    no. i mean it.
    i have told everyone on gw2 that i know to use it.
    anyway to the question about minis…
    is it possible to get the tabby cat in gw2 without gw1 gameplay??
    I know. i know. i should have played gw1 ๐Ÿ˜€
    unfortunately i didn’t know until gw2 ๐Ÿ™
    otherwise i would’ve been all over it like tomato sauce used by an australian at a bbq.
    tho this may have led to disasterous failure for my uni degree.
    the game.
    not the sauce.

    So back to the point, I really REALLY want one of those cute orange kitties! Is there anyway that you know of that i can make this happen??


    • You can still get items for GW1 completion by getting GW1 and earning the Hall of Monuments points. The achievements still update in GW2.

  6. from helloween event are 4 new minipets (skeleton, ghost,spider and when you kombine this 3 with sugar in mystic forge you get gloving skeleton with chainsword) this minipets does not count toward 55 minipets achievement. this minipets are only from gem purchase..

    also if you buy witch or mad king outfit from gem shop, this costume have own minipets (more like ranger pets) its cat from witch and candy golem from MK, this work as town clothing only :((

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