Caledon Forest Map of POIs, Waypoints, Vistas, Skills and more

Region: Maguuma Jungle | Level: 1-15 |

Point of InterestSkill PointVistaRenown HeartWaypoint
Solitaire IslandMorgan’s Orchid VistaHelp Danador manage his kennel by becoming a hound.Astorea Waypoint
Rime’s GardenDark Thorn PatchVistaAssist Wyld Hunt Valiant Caillech with the undead.Sleive’s Waypoint
Danador’s KennelWaterfallVistaHelp Warden Brulains destroy undead and crush any plague-spreading plants.Spiral Waypoint
Caer VerdantMysterious Patch of GroundVistaDisrupt the Mightmare Court at Briarthorn Den.Wardenhurst Waypoint
Briarthorn DenSkill Challenge:Defeat Swift Arrow.VistaHelp Elain clear the spider cave.Caer Astorea Waypoint
Bay HavenKrait AltarVistaHelp Gemai support the wardens of Wardenhurst.Gleaner’s Cove Waypoint
Zopatl GroundsPowerful DarknessVistaHelp defend Caer Astorea from the Nightmare court.Brigid’s Overlook Waypoint
Stormwreck Deeps VistaAssist Arias in maintaining his garden.Sperrins Waypoint
The Weeping Isle  Help Harvester Mavad manage the kelp Harvest.Mabon Waypoint
Naulshead Refuge  Help the Atzintli and Zopatl tribes battle the krait .Town of Cathal Waypoint
Hemlock Coil  Help the Soundless deal with the Nightmare Court.Caledon Haven Waypoint
Hanto Trading Post  Help Tovar harass the Nightmare Court.Titan’s Staircase Waypoint
Hazupl Grounds  Help Zippti study the hyper-aggressive skritt.Kraitbane Haven Waypoint
Soggorsorrt  Help Yoal weaken the krait and recover kidnapped hylek.Hamlet of Annwen Waypoint
Slaver’s Deeps  Help Fisher Leudap support the fishers of Soggorsort.Falias Thorp Waypoint
Morgatl Grounds  Assist Lionguard Hester in recovering slaves from Slaver’s Deeps.Lionguard Waystation Waypoint
Banshee’s Keen  Help the wardens in Wychmire Swamp.Wychmire Waypoint
Dolorous Vale  Help Lionguard Cern safeguard the road.Twilight Arbor Waypoint
Golotl Grounds  Help Delilah keep the farmer’s fields safe. 
Dengatl Grounds    
Event – Location of a fightEvent – Location/NPC to defendEvent – Boss enemyEvent – Destination or point of interestEvent – NPC that collects event item
Clear the Mosquitoes that have been drawn to the firefly lamps.Use repellant to protect the sylvari hounds from spiders.Defeat the enraged troll king.Defeat Meztli in a crab battle.Find the escaped experiments and bring them back to Zaxis.
Free guaggan slaves from Slaver’s Deeps.Rescue sylvari pups from their troll captors.[Group Event] Defeat the monstrous corrupted crab.Return Transformed hylek to their true form.Bring krait skins to Cueyatl.
Liberate the Hamlet of Annwen from hylek invaders.Defend the sylvari tower from the undead.[Group Event] Locate and kill the transformed krait witch .Defeat Pisti in a moa battle. 
Destroy the blighted growth .Escort Agent Rexx as he delivers supplies to Warden spy Alarin .[Group Event] Defeat the krait neoss that’s strengthening Slaver’s Deeps.  
[Group Event] Defeat the great jungle wurm.Protect the harvesters as they collect spikeroot fruit.[Group Event] Defeat the jungle troll champion .  
 Excort Patli back to Zopatl Grounds.   
 Guard the mossheart carrying Widd’s research .   
 Help Cueyatl escape the krait .   
 Help the Wyld Hunt valiants clear undead from Treemarch Estuary .   
 Defend Falias Thorp from the Nightmare Court .   
 Protect Gamarien as he scouts Wychmire Swamp.   
Event – Location of a brawlGuild Trek   
[Group Event] Defeat Xolotl.Briarthorn Barrier   
 Imphaunt Hallow   

9 thoughts on “Caledon Forest Map of POIs, Waypoints, Vistas, Skills and more

  1. There is a jumping puzzle in Dreamdark Enclave as well. It would be greatly appreciated if the map was updated to show this.

    • Same chest as in Morgan’s leap just a harder route, so it’s not really a jumping puzzle on it’s own imo.
      I’ve always considered it just as an descend into the enclave from the Morgan’s chest.
      Not to mention everyone who does Morgan’s knows where the enclave route is since it’s right there in front of the chest, you have to be pretty blind not to see it, not to mention to need a map to find it.

  2. No Seth is right, there is a second jumping puzzle called Dark Reverie, that involves you trying to find a way up and out of the north side of Dark Enclave. Once you get up Morgan’s Leap, and down into the enclave the north wall is lined with toadstools that you need to climb up and out. When you reach the top there are usually 2 or so hostile spiders and yet another treasure chest (and achievement). So there are actually a grand total of three chests (the first one when you get morgan’s leap achievement, the second when you get down to the bottom of the enclave, and the third at the top of dark reverie).

  3. Right beside Fiser Leudap (near Soggorsort) there is a Pipe Organ, where if you play it correctly, it opens up the clam and there’s a chest in there.

    The correct order is: D-E-F-G-F-E-D // D-E-C // C-D-Low A (notes)
    or 2-3-4-5-4-3-2 // 2-3-1 // 1-2-8-6 (buttons)

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