Guild Wars 2 list of emotes

The following list presents the emotes, and the corresponding text that is displayed in the chat window. To use an emote or other action, type the slash command into the chat panel.

  • /age: It shows your playtime
  • /beckon [Character] beckons. [Character] beckons to [Target].
  • /bow: [Character] bows for [Character].
    [Character] bows. Is displayed when bowing without a target.
  • /cheer: [Character] cheers for [Character].
    [Character] cheers. Is displayed when cheering without a target.
  • /cower [Character] cowers
  • /cry: [Character] cries
  • /dance: [Character] start to dance
  • /deaths: It shows how many time your character has died
  • /kneel [Character] kneels
  • /laugh: [Character] laughs
  • /me [Action]: Text displays as [Character] [Action]
  • /no [Character] disagrees
  • /point: [Character] points at [Character].
    [Character] points. Is displayed when pointing without a target.
  • /ponder [Character] ponders
  • /salute: [Character] salutes.
  • /shrug [Character] shrugs
  • /sit: [Character] sits.
  • /sleep: [Character] sleeps
  • /surprised [Character] is surprised
  • /tease: [Character] teases [Character].
    [Character] teases. Is displayed when teasing without a target.
  • /threaten [Character] is threatening
  • /wave: [Character] waves at [Character].
    [Character] waves. Is displayed when waving without a target.
  • /yes [Character] agrees
  • /invite [name]
    Invite a player to join your party
  • /join [name]
    Request to join a player’s party
  • /leave
    Leave your current party
  • /kick [name]
    Vote to kick a party member
  • CTRL+T
    Suggest a target to your party
  • Enter
    Begin/Send a message to the current chanel
  • Tab
    Cycle through Chat Tabs
  • /l or /local [message]
    Message nearby players
  • /p or /party [message]
    Message your party
  • /g or /guild [message]
    Message your guild
  • /team [message]
    Message all players on your team in World vs. World
  • /squad [message]
    Message all players in your World vs. World squad (commander only)
  • /t, /tell, /w or /whisper [name][message]
    Send a private message to a player
  • /r, /reply or Backspace
    Reply to the most recent private message
  • Shift+Left-click an item
    Link the item stats in chat
  • Shift + Left-click a waypoint
    Link the waypoint location in chat
  • /friend [name]
    Add a player to your contact list
  • /block or /ignore [name]
    Prevent a player from contacting you in any way
  • /unblock or /unignore [name]
    Remove a player from your blocked list
  • /LFG [on/off]
    Toggle “looking for a group”
  • /AFK [on/off]
    Toggle “away from keyboard”
  • /invisible [on, off]
    Toggle offline status on other contact lists
Custom emotes

You can create custom emotes by typing “/me [text]”, “/emote [text]” or “/e [text]”, however there is no associated animation.

Targeting emotes

If you target another player or NPC and include an “@” after an emote, then the emote will include them in the chat log.

For example,

/cheer @ while targeting Rudolf displays [Character] cheers for Rudolf.

Synchronizing emotes

Appending a “*” to an emote (e.g. “/dance *”) will put it into a queue which is processed every 5 seconds. This allows for multiple players to do emotes at the exact same time.

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