GW2 Dragon Bash Achievements

Dragon Bash achievement is a new category added with Dragon Bash festival event.

Name Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5
The Dragon Bash Experience

You’ve gotten into the swing of Dragon Bash

Dragon bash Achievements : 1/10
+50Arenanet Points
Reward: Holographic Shattered Dragon Wing Cover

You’ve sampled – indulged in, really – the official candy of Dragon Bash

1 Zhaitaffy eaten
+1 Arenanet Points
25 Zhaitaffy eaten
+2 Arenanet Points
50 Zhaitaffy eaten
+3 Arenanet Points
150 Zhaitaffy eaten
+4 Arenanet Points
250 Zhaitaffy eaten
+5 Arenanet Points
The Big Boom in the Big City

The Ship’s council presents a stunning fireworks display as part of the inaugular Dragon Bash celebrations.

Watch The Lion’s Arch fireworks show near the fountain.
+10 Arenanet PointsReward: Gift of the Dragon Bash
Color the Sky
You painted the sky with some Tyrian Pyrotechnics.
1 Firework Launched
+1 Arenanet Points
25 Fireworks Launched
+2 Arenanet Points
50 Fireworks Launched
+3 Arenanet Points
75 Fireworks Launched
+4 Arenanet Points
100 Fireworks Launched
+5 Arenanet Points
Paper Dragon

You’ve broken open a legion of dragon pinatas and feasted on the yummy treats inside.

1 Pinatas Pummeled
+1 Arenanet Points
25 Pinatas Pummeled
+2 Arenanet Points
50 Pinatas Pummeled
+3 Arenanet Points
100 Pinatas Pummeled
+4 Arenanet Points
150 Pinatas Pummeled
+5 Arenanet Points
Burn Down The Dragons

Took part in the new Dragon Bash tradition of the immolation of dragon effigies.
1 Effigies Lit
+1 Arenanet Points
10 Effigies Lit
+2 Arenanet Points
25 Effigies Lit
+3 Arenanet Points
50 Effigies Lit
+4 Arenanet Points
So Lifelike

You’ve vanquished legions of holographic minions during Dragon Bash.
1 Holographic Minions Killed
+1 Arenanet Points
50 Holographic Minions Killed
+2 Arenanet Points
100 Holographic Minions Killed
+3 Arenanet Points
150 Holographic Minions Killed
+4 Arenanet Points
300 Holographic Minions Killed
+5 Arenanet Points
Winner’s circle

You’ve picked the winner in a number of moa races.
1 Moa Races Won
+1 Arenanet Points
3 Moa Races Won
+2 Arenanet Points
Case Closed

You solved the mystery. The good people of Lion’s Arch can breathe easier now.
Story achievements:0/?
+20 Arenanet Points
Ceremony and Acrimony

Get the wounded Ship’s Council members to safety.
Protect the Wounded Councillors
+5 Arenanet Points
Hard Boiled

Track down and talk to Marjory at The Dead End in Divinity’s Reach.
Prerequisite: Ceremony and Acrimony
? Arenanet Points
Every Piece Matters

Find all the missing suspects in the world. Talk to Marjory at the Lion’s Arch Crime scene for more details.
Prerequisite: Hard Boiled
? Arenanet Points
No more secrets

It’s time to confront the criminal behind the effigy incident. Return to Lion’s Arch crime scene.
Prerequisite: Ever Piece Matters
+? Arenanet Points
Dragon Ball Devotee

You’re a veteran of the Dragon Ball Arena
1 Dragon Ball Arena Games Played +2 Arenanet Points20 Dragon Ball Arena Games Played +8 Arenanet Points
Dragon Ball Boss

Count yourself among the elite of the Dragon Ball
1 Dragon Ball Arena Games Wpm +2 Arenanet Points20 Dragon Ball Arena Games Won +13 Arenanet Points
Meet the Hosts

Talk to each of the Lion’s Arch Ship’s Council and learn about Dragon Bash
0/8 Ship’s Council Members Met +2Arenanet Points