Queensdale Map of POIs, Waypoints, Vistas, Skills and more

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map of Queensdale

Jumping Puzzles
Demongrub Pits
Region: Kryta | Level: 1-17 |

Point of InterestSkill PointVistaRenown HeartWaypoint
Trainer’s TerraceEarthen Magic Skill Challenge VistaAssist the Seraph at Shaemoor GarrisonShaemoor Waypoint
Mepis Moa RanchSkill Challenge: Defeat Chhk the Windmill KingVistaHelp Foreman FlannumGarrison Waypoint
Jeb’s WheatfieldDefeat Franklin Quickblade and his band of roguesVistaHelp Cassie around the moa ranchScaver Waypoint
Eda’s OrchardUse Erts UnguentVistaHelp farmer DiahFields Waypoint
Dalin’s Pumping StationExamine Temple of the AgesVistaAssist Farmer EdaOrchard Waypoint
Altar Brook Trading PostDefeat Carnie Jeb the Strong-Man.VistaHelp Fisherman Travis and Fisherman JustinOjon’s Lumbermill Waypoint
Altar Brook CrossingTamini Place of PowerVistaAssist Laborer Cardy and Ojon’s lumbermillCrossing Waypoint
Bar Curtis Ranch VistaHelp Lexi Price protect the trade routeVale Waypoint
Duran Brothers’ Docks VistaTrain with the militiaClaypool Waypoint
Greatheart Weald  Help the Seraph Protect Claypool from CentaursPhinney Waypoint
Hunting Lodge  Help the monastery brewersHeartwood Pass Camp Waypoint
Kappa’s Corral  Help Historian Garrod Investigate Godslost SwampKrytan Waypoint
Eldvin Monastery  Aid the Beetletun farmersGodslost Waypoint
Deathroot Shack  Assist Hunter Block and the Hunting LodgeSwamplost Haven Waypoint
Temple of the Ages  Support the citizens of BeetletunBeetletun Waypoint
Hoodland camp  Assist Fisherman Will and the Fisherman of BeetletunTunwatch Redoubt Waypoint
Beetletun Waterworks  Unite the ettins 
Cliffwatch Camp    
Bonegrinder’s Gully    
Hidden Cliff Camp    
Righteous Hoofmoot    
Event – Location/NPC to defendEvent – Boss enemyEvent – Location of a fightEvent – Object to be destroyed/operatedEvent – NPC that collects event item
Defend Barthol on his way to the Old Armory Kill the Riverdrake broodmotherDrive the harpy flock from the dam.Protect the hay bales from banditsBring blobs of toxin to Apprentice Jameson
Protect Shaemoor’s drinking water from banditsKill the giant wurm tearing up Jeb’s field Drive the rogue bull back home and fix any mayhem on the wayStop skritt thieves from stealing logging toolsCollect grub remains for Ine
Protect the ranchers from banditsSlay the giant fish to protect the fishing watersDrive the bandits away from the windmillDefend the beehives from hungry bearsGather ruined grapes from Victoria’s vineyard
Defend Mepi from bandits[Group Event] Slay the enraged champion cave trollBandits have constructed a roadblock to stop Shaemoor trafficDrive back the centaurs before they steal the monastery’s ale 
 Defeat the Lady in WhiteDrive the bandits from Curtis’s ranch  
 Hunt and slay the giant boar   
 [Group Event] Defeat the shadow behemoth.   
Event – Destination or point of interestEvent – Location/NPC to protect or captureGuild Trek  
Help Slim Mikhart destroy the skritt cave supportHold Heartwood Pass CampAltar Brook Lair  

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  1. Is this going to be updated at all? Is there a way to submit updates? I’m going through Queensland right now to finish off the starter areas. Thanks.

  2. There’s a chest near the damn or whatever it is above the giant boar. It’s in the cave where the personal story develops and is guarded by a vet and trash.

  3. thanks so much for these great maps! AMAZING work. is there any way to print this… its hard to switch between game and web. if i do save image as it only saves map and not the way points. i would love to be to print all the maps and hang them on the wall like the overly obsessed chick that i am -_-

    • Kristen-
      1. Right-click anywhere on the map.
      2. Select “Copy Image”
      3. Open any graphic editor. “Paint” is one that ships with Windows but there are many others. Open Paint with Start > All Programs > Accessories > Paint (unless you have moved its Start Menu entry).
      4. Click “Edit” then “Paste as new image.”
      5. Now you can crop it, mess with contrast, hue & saturation, whatever… and also save it and/or print it from there.

      PS: Hope you get your Shift key repaired soon… it doesn’t seem to be working properly… πŸ™‚

    • Oops- my bad. Right-clicking and copy image doesn’t get all the waypoints (as you said).

      Here’s the correct sequence:
      1. Scroll and zoom your display so the map is completely visible (all edges) and press your Printscreen key (it’s probably labeled “Prt Scr”.)
      2. Open Paint or whatever graphics editor you like.
      3. Select Edit > Paste. This will give you the map, complete with all points, just as you see it here.
      4. Crop the result down to what you want to print, i.e. just the map itself without all the surrounding white space and/or comments, titles, etc.
      5. Select File > Print and you’re good to go. Optionally, you can save it to disk at this point so you’ll have it in case your cat scratches the maps down off your wall.
      Sorry for screwing it up the first time.

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