Brisban Wildlands Map of POIs, Waypoints, Vistas, Skills and more

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map of Brisban Wildlands

Region: Maguuma Jungle | Level: 15-25 |

Point of Interest Skill Point Vista Renown Heart Waypoint
Joy’s End Super Shiny Thing Vista Thwart the Nightmare Court at Joy’s End. Watchful Source Waypoint
Beldame’s Rise Restless Arboreal Spirit Vista Help Leigheara protect the Revered Terebinth . Mrot Boru Waypoint
Revered Terebinth Ghostly Runner Zengrade Vista Aethervolt researchers require temporary assistants . Tunnels Waypoint
Aethervolt Lab Henge of Denravi Vista Keep the Inquest from endangering Mrot Boru . Hillstead Waypoint
Invariant Base Thaumacore Energy Source Vista Help the Skritt experimenting in Skrittsburgh Tunnels. East End Waypoint
Seraph Protectors Lady Grimassi Vista Help the grub farmers in Skrittsburgh Hillstead . Wendon Waypoint
Williem’s Bandits Inventor Shminkta Vista Help the skritt defend Skrittsburgh East End . Seraph Observers Waypoint
Scotta’s Bandits Keg of Skrittsburgh Special   Help the Seraph fight Willem’s bandits . Brilitine Waypoint
Angelan’s Bandits     Hinder Scotta’s Bandits. Gallowfields Waypoint
Skrittsatawnay     Help the cornered spies at Seraph Observers . Ulta Metamagicals Waypoint
Ogotl Grounds     Infiltrate and disrupt Seanan’s Bandits. Mirkrise Waypoint
Plunder Hold     Help the skritt challenge the bandits . Triforge Point Waypoint
Seanan’s Bandits     Assist Ulta Metamagicals with their asura gate research . Proxemics Lab
Breean’s Bandits     Help Peacemaker Klodi disperse the alliance of criminals .  
Enrav Exploration Post     Help Valiant Methair secure Vandal’s Claim .  
Robbari’s Bandits     Remove threats to Durmand Priory researchers in Toxal Bog .  
Cutpurse Circle        
Thaumacore Inquiry Center        
Fort Vandal        
Tangle Root Outpost        
Event – Location/NPC to defend Event – Location of a fight Event – NPC that collects event item Event – Boss enemy Event – Location/NPC to protect or capture
Protect the Revered Terebinth gardeners . Recover the Revered Terebinth from the Nightmare Court . Kill Cavern Scutters to gather energy for Sparkk. [Group Event] Destroy the malfunctioning golem . Defend the tunnel hub from Inquest .
Defend the skritt while they steal golem parts . Free Hillstead skritt from the Nightmare Court.   Destroy the rampaging golem.  
Escort Gleranon’s packheart to the Seraph Observers Camp. Prevent skritt from approaching poisonous traps .   [Group Event] Defeat the enraged priestess.  
Return the arboreal spirit to its husk , and drive away the hylek. Free captured skritt from the Inquest .   Defeat the bandit weaponmaster : Breean.  
Help the Priory return the energy core to the Henge of Denravi . Destroy the arrow carts being built at Robbari’s bandit camp .   Save the camp from Inquest golem .  
Help U.N.I.T find and destroy the inquest . Help Tekki fight off creatures swarming through the asura gate .   [Group Event] Defeat the sinister triad .  
Protect the MULTI-952t Togg sent to repair Pamfa’s lab equipment. Destroy the sinister triad’s camps .      
Event – Object to be destroyed/operated Guild Bounty Guild Trek    
Help Tromgi’gark and Wenski get their crate back home . Diplomat Tarban East End Falls    

10 thoughts on “Brisban Wildlands Map of POIs, Waypoints, Vistas, Skills and more

  1. Another detailed and informative map. I used this map of Brisban Wildlands during the most recent stress test to locate a boss fight I wanted a friend to partake in but I couldn’t remember where it was. Without this resource I’m sure I would have been running around for a while trying to locate the boss. Thanks and keep up the great work!

  2. Missing the world event in the lower left corner. Entryway is between the two skill point challenges. But its broken as far as I could tell.

  3. This map is missing the two skill points located within Skrittsburgh Center (that large brown area in the middle).

  4. In the most lower left corner there is an area called Aurora’s Remains, the entrance is accessed through tree like “gate” ( Bridge to Tereabithia like) and it opens to a fairly beautiful place that has an event called [Group Event] Draw out and destroy the Demagogue’s spirit (26) at the end you kill a champion and get a chest after following less longbow. Its a little fighting a little jump questish, all the fun. I somehow managed to solo it on my max level guardian (nooby 80 mind you). Heres the wiki –

    • Soloed as a level 23 Rogue, took me 30 minutes.
      Didn’t even get any usable loot, but I did gain a level so theres that

      • He healed back 80% of my damage or it would have gone much quicker
        I also didn’t realize what I was getting into and didn’t have the most efficient traits

  5. There are 20 point of interests in Brisban Wildlands. This map only has 19. It’s missing tangleroot which is in the southwest corner of the map (opposite direction of the Gallowfields.