Guild Wars 2 Community Achievements

Community is a part of regular achievements which are non-repeatable, long-term objectives. Their rewards are various social accolades.

King of the Costume Brawl
Supremely effective with the most ineffective weapons.

Hit any opponent for 12,500 (25 x 500) times for while you and the opponent are under effect of Costume Brawl.

Tier 1 – 1-Time Brawl Champion,     +1Arenanet Points.png
Tier 2 – 3-Time Brawl Champion,     +0Arenanet Points.png
Tier 3 – 5-Time Brawl Champion,     +0Arenanet Points.png
Tier 4 – 10-Time Brawl Champion,     +0Arenanet Points.png
Tier 5 – 20-Time Brawl Champion,     +1Arenanet Points.png
Tier 6 – 30-Time Brawl Champion,     +0Arenanet Points.png
Tier 7 – 50-Time Brawl Champion,     +1Arenanet Points.png
Tier 8 – 75-Time Brawl Champion,     +1Arenanet Points.png
Tier 9 – 100-Time Brawl Champion,     +1Arenanet Points.png
Tier 10 – 200-Time Brawl Champion,     +2Arenanet Points.png
Tier 11 – 350-Time Brawl Champion,     +3Arenanet Points.png
Tier 12 – 500-Time Brawl Champion,     +5Arenanet Points.png
Active Guild Member
You are part of the reason why your guild succeeds.

Earn Influence for your guild. You earn influence by doing PvP, dynamic events, dungeons, etc. As long as you represent a guild you earn influence for it.

Tier 1 – Influence earned x100,     +5Arenanet Points.png
Tier 2 – Influence earned x1 000, +10Arenanet Points.png
Tier 3 – Influence earned x2 000, +10Arenanet Points.png
Tier 4 – Influence earned x5 000, +10Arenanet Points.png
Tier 5 – Influence earned x10 000, +10Arenanet Points.png
Miniature Collection
Master of Miniature Mayhem

Collect miniatures on your account. You can acquire miniatures from trade with other players, Hall of Monuments rewards, the Gem Store via a Minis Pack and the special edition or the digital deluxe edition of Guild Wars 2.

Tier 1 – Miniatures collected x20, +10Arenanet Points.png
Tier 2 – Miniatures collected x40, +10Arenanet Points.png
Tier 3 – Miniatures collected x50, +10Arenanet Points.png
Tier 4 – Miniatures collected x55, +10Arenanet Points.png,   Title: Miniature Collector
Thirst Slayer
Continuing a valiant battle against dehydration.
Tier 1 -Shots x500,         +1Arenanet Points.png
Tier 2 – Shots x3 000,       +5Arenanet Points.png
Tier 3 – Shots x15 000,  +10Arenanet Points.png
Tier 4 – Shots x50 000,  +10Arenanet Points.png
Tier 5 – Shots x100 000,  +10Arenanet Points.png
All You Can Eat
No stranger to Tyrian cuisine.
Tier 1 – Servings x10,       +1Arenanet Points.png
Tier 2 – Servings x100,     +5Arenanet Points.png
Tier 3 – Servings x200,   +10Arenanet Points.png
Tier 4 – Servings x400,   +10Arenanet Points.png
Tier 5 – Servings x800,   +10Arenanet Points.png
Teamwork Gets it Done
Kills that involved at least one profession combo with another player
Tier 1 – Kill combos x1,       +1Arenanet Points.png
Tier 2 – Kill combos x100,   +4Arenanet Points.png
Tier 3 – Kill combos x300,    +5Arenanet Points.png
Tier 4 – Kill combos x500,   +10Arenanet Points.png
Tier 5 – Kill combos x1 000,+10Arenanet Points.png
No One Left Behind
So glad to see you!

You have to help people that are downed and defeated, NPCs and animal companions count as well.

Tier 1 – Revivals x10,         +5Arenanet Points
Tier 2 – Revivals x50,         +5Arenanet Points
Tier 3 – Revivals x100,       +5Arenanet Points
Tier 4 – Revivals x500,       +5Arenanet Points
Tier 5 – Revivals x1 000 ,   +5Arenanet Points Title: Combat Healer

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