Kessex Hills Map of POIs, Waypoints, Vistas, Skills and more

Region: Kryta | Level: 15-25 |

Point of InterestSkill PointVistaRenown HeartWaypoint
Jannaj’s BanditsSkill PointVistaHelp Waldo Flood take revenge on local bandits.Sojourner’s Waypoint
Black HavenSkill PointVistaHelp Guard Barnaby.Earthworks Camp Waypoint
QuarrysideSkill PointVistaHelp Lionguard Micah keep the Black Haven area safe for travelers.Delanian Waypoint
Triskell QuaySkill PointVistaHelp Engineer GilliKessex Haven Waypoint
Krait’s LarderSkill PointVistaHelp the fishers of Triskell QuayOverlake Haven Waypoint
Uzalon’s Hideout VistaAssist Overlake Haven with the Ettin nuisanceDarkwound Waypoint
Gort’s Pit VistaAssist Sangdo SwiftwingCereboth Waypoint
Garenhoff VistaHelp Matlal collect truffles for her starving tribe.Ireko Tradecamp Waypoint
Isgarren’s View VistaHelp Doolisileep protect the Moogooloo Village.Viathan Waypoint
Tagotl Grounds  Help Sergeant Rane.Gap Waypoint
Goff’s Bandits  Aid Fort SalmaCavernhold Camp Waypoint
Kenna’s Bandits  Help Seraph Tripp.Greyhoof Camp Waypoint
Auld Red Wharf  Aid the warden of Shadowheart.Fort Salma Waypoint
Wallwatcher Camp  Assist Dianna by undermining bandit salvage operationsHalacon Waypoint
Mudbay Digs   Overlord’s Waypoint
Mafic Core   Shadowheart Site Waypoint
Barnaby’s Watch    
Lair of the Seawitch    
Thunder Ridge Camp    
Tower of Nightmares    
Event – Location/NPC to defendEvent – Location of a fightEvent – Boss enemyEvent – Object to be destroyed/operatedGuild Bounty
Rescue the traveling child’s mother from bandits.Clear the Bandit Roadblock from the road to Lion’s Arch.Slave Gravekeeper Hammon and the fleshreavers.Break centaur worker morale to prevent bridge repairs.Poobadoo
Prevent krait slavers from capturing villagers.Free villagers from Krait’s Larder.[Group Event] Defeat the destroyer harpy.  
Accompany the Lionguard patrol.Clear the ettin roadblock.[Group Event] Stop the krait blood witch.  
Protect Webb as he recovers his heirlooms.Collapse the destroyer fissure.[Group Event] Kill the Harathi overlord .  
Defend Moogooloo quaggan villagers from krait.[Group Event] Stop the Risen krait from building their army .[Group Event ] Defeat the bandit foreman before he finishes collecting ore for centaurs .  
Prevent the centaurs from recapturing Wallwatcher camp .    
Guild Trek    
Defiled Delve    
Karis Hot Spot    
Overlord Lodge    

22 thoughts on “Kessex Hills Map of POIs, Waypoints, Vistas, Skills and more

  1. Can we help you with the maps? I did a jump puzzle in Kessex would you like pictures of it? Thank you for your hard work 🙂

    • I did it a few days ago and I hope I’ll be able to add it tonight. Thank you for offering to help. If you come across any other jumping puzzle please feel free to contact us and tell us where we can find it.

  2. Any chance of a full-screen option for these maps? 700×500 is kinda small @ 1080p…

  3. The SP at the bottom right of he map is now located on the right side of the ‘ n ‘ shaped harbour part, not a big issue but you may as well keep the map up-to-date 🙂

    • Marosia is referring to the SP near the Garenhoff POI on the SE corner of the map. The SP is actually located just below (south of) the POI, not across from it to the SW on the opposite shore as depicted here. Thanks.

    • There are 18 POI on this map. Two of them are hard to see because they are hidden UNDER event symbols:
      *Krait’s Larder in the middle of the lake in the center of the southern half of the map; and
      *Triskell Quay, the little fishing village just north of Krait’s Larder almost in the exact center of the map.

  4. I just want to comment that when I toggle only POI it doesn’t show all
    of them

  5. There are two new POI now…
    One for the tower of nightmares, and one at arcanist Dolja’s camp

  6. As of the Dec. 10th Patch of 2013, there are now 14 Hearts, 16 Waypoints, 20 Points of Interest, 5 Skill Challenges, and 9 Vista’s present in Kessex Hills.

    Your map shows 14 Hearts, 5 Skill Challenges, 18 Points of Interest, 18 Waypoints, and 9 Vista’s. That means you have 2 missing Points of Interest, and 2 extra way points.

    Also of note is that the Patch Notes state that several of the events, renown hearts and unmentioned waypoints have been changed. I am uncertain about whether skill challenges and vista’s have been changed, but you guys may want to get working on updating this map.

  7. Can we please get this map updated? The fact that it hasn’t been updated since the Dec. 10th Update means that this map is woefully out of date which causes problems for people wanting to use it to find locations on the actual in game map. The Dec. 10th Update altered the appearance of Kessex Hills.

    I would greatly appreciate an updated map. Please and thank you!

  8. I wish ANET made user friendly maps that could get zoomed in/ out and keep stupid advertisements away . 2 much to ask ?

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