Mount Maelstrom Map of POIs, Waypoints, Vistas, Skills and more

Region: Unknown |

Point of InterestSkill PointVistaRenown HeartWaypoint
Moonlight RillScribbles in the DirtVistaHelp Pact soldiers secure a path to Orr .Broken Arrow Waypoint
Valley of GwaunHeart of the VolcanoVistaAssist the skritt with their fortifications .Bard’s Waypoint
New SkrittsteadUrrahn The HunterVistaHelp the Priory members excavate Rata Pten .Govoran Waypoint
Evisomancer’s ResortIQ 1800 LXVistaAid Tactician Blazefur in preparing Firebreak Fort for the Risen offensive .Criterion Waypoint
Rata PtenPetilVistaHelp Pixtor test his weapons on the Risen in Murkvale .Firebreak Fort Waypoint
Aliyana’s HauntTarkkaktVistaHelp Ambr’s krewe defend the lab .Spaecia Illogica Waypoint
Gloomirk OutpostDroknah’s RelicVistaHelp the Order of Whispers instigate a fight between krait and Risen .Murkvale Waypoint
Hellmouth Falls  Help Zara secure and supply Gallant’s Folly .Magmatic Waypoint
Theurgic Volute  Help the Order of Whispers sabotage Inquest weapon tests on the hylek village of Tzanopl Grounds .Ashen Waypoint
Venomblight  Help Carmel cleanse the Inquest pollution .Maelstrom’s Waypoint
Gorlois Spine  Help Jenrys protect nature from the Inquest .Avernan Waypoint
Maelstrom’s Core   Irwin Isle Waypoint
Herot’s Ascent   Oxbow Isle Waypoint
Felsic Plains   Gauntlet Waypoint
Clandest Basecamp   Crucible of Eternity Waypoint
Treacherous Vents   Old Sledge Site Waypoint
Restless Deeps   Judgement Waypoint
Mosstide Walfts    
Gallant’s Folly    
Zone Black    
Zone Blue ( Under Construction )    
Zone Violet    
Zone White    
Zone Green    
Zone Red    
Malxa Pyronetics    
Tzanopl Grounds    
Aquabase Terror Seven    
Forge Foundations    
Observation Platform XKV    
Lonatl Grounds    
Breth Ayahusasca    
Event – NPC that collects event itemEvent – Boss enemyEvent – Destination or point of interestEvent – Location/NPC to defendEvent – Location of a fight
Disguise yourself and gather special roots for Drysdan’s medicine .Kill the giant spider disrupting the excavation .Solve the mystery of the haunted marsh .Help Yius defeat the Risen krait hypnoss , Sarsiss .Harass Inquest workers at Aquabase Terror-Seven .
 [Group Event] Defeat the champion jungle skelk lurker before it escapes .  Defend the Advanced Arcanomics lab .
 Defeat the asura-constructed , veteran Risen abomination .  Eliminate destroyer forces in the volcano’s southeast cavern .
 [Group Event] Defeat the Inquest’s golem Mark II .   Eliminate destroyer forces on the volcano’s south side .
 [Group Event] Defeat the krewe leader at Aquabase Terror-Seven .   
 [Group Event] Defeat Aquabase Terror-Seven’s massive pet , Fluffy .   
 [Group Event] Stop the rampaging Inquest golem .   
 [Group Event] Kill the megadestroyer before it blows everyone up .   
Event – Object to be destroyed/operatedGuild BountyGuild Trek  
Disable the containers before they release their toxins .Half-Baked KomaliDroknah’s Gate  
[Group Event] Protect the asura and their technology while they quell the unstable volcano . Flame Imp Pocket  
  Rata Pten Portico  
  Restless Footings  

4 thoughts on “Mount Maelstrom Map of POIs, Waypoints, Vistas, Skills and more

  1. The missing puzzle on the map Mount Maelstrom , to the North Govoran Waypoint , the entrance to the cave (asura Jumping Puzzle)

  2. btw Hidden Garden Puzzle Location is count toward to maguuma exploer achievement, so if you have still one point missing, its it (or asura jumping puzzle, or Aurora’s Remains in brisban wildlands )

  3. I have done all puzzles, and Aurora`s remains, and been through portal in Asura region(where that little dude event is and some ancient golems) and still miss 1 explorer ashievement.. help! HELP!!! HELP?!?!

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