Ranger Pets Guide

Ranger Pet takes an active role in combat by providing damage or interactive skills for the player. During the character creation, each race offers three different pets, from which a ranger can choose one starting pet. Pet’s type determines which environments the pet is able to fight in: aquatic (underwater), terrestrial (land) and amphibious (can fight both on land and underwater). Rangers have two terrestrial and two aquatic pet slots. Amphibious pets can occupy either terrestrial or aquatic slots.
Each pet belongs to a species and each species belongs to a family which determines common skills and its general attributes. Each family has 3 common skills which are automatically used by the pet. Its species determines a pet’s unique skill.

Ranger Starting Pets
Asura:     Flamingo, Jungle Stalker, Marsh Drake
Charr:     Carrion Devourer, Jungle Stalker, Salamander Drake
Human:   Brown Bear, Jungle Stalker, River Drake
Norn:       Brown Bear, Alpine Wolf, Snow Leopard
Sylvari:    Blue Moa, Jungle Stalker, Fern Hound

How to get a new pet?
pet_managementA ranger can charm (by pressing F) only animals with a name in the form “Juvenile < pet species >“. Once you charm a pet, you can access the pet management panel (by pressing K) where you can rename your pet and view its statistics. To rename a pet, click on the quill icon to the left of the pet name.
A pet’s level always match the ranger’s level, so you don’t have to waste your time on leveling a new pet. If your pet is defeated, you can switch to another pet by pressing F4. A defeated pet that was swapped out will be at full health when it is swapped back in.
Pet interaction bar
A pet command / interaction bar is located above the weapon skill bar. The ranger has limited control over the actions of their pet:

  • F1 commands the active pet to attack the current target.
  • F2 activates the species unique skill of the active pet.
  • F3 determines the current behavior of the pet.
  • Active — Attack what I am attacking.
    Passive — Don’t attack.

  • F4 calls the alternate animal to become the active pet with full health and all skills recharged. After swapping your dead pet the swap cooldown lasts ~ 40 seconds. Swapping a live pet in combat the swap cooldown lasts ~ 20 sec


Terrestrial Pets


Family: Bird – highest damage pets but long cast animation, increases movement speed by 33%




White Raven

Family: Boar – knocking your enemies down





Family: Canine – knocking down foes, slows the enemy’s movement by 50%

Alpine Wolf

Fern Hound


Krytan Drakehound


Family: Moa – healing, lowers the target’s defense

Black Moa

Blue Moa


Red Moa

White Moa

Family: Spider – immobilizing and poisoning your foe

Black Widow

Cave Spider

Forest Spider

Jungle Spider


Amphibious Pets

Family: Bear – high health, incoming damage reduction


Black Bear

Brown Bear


Polar Bear

Family: Devourer – ranged attacks, interrupting and poisoning nearby foe

Carrion Devourer

Lashtail Devourer

Whiptail Devourer

Family: Drake – AoE attacks

Ice Drake

Marsh Drake

River Drake

Salamander Drake

Reef Drake

Family: Feline – lowers the target’s defense, makes heavy damage


Jungle Stalker


Snow Leopard


Aquatic Pets

Family: Armor Fish – stunning foe

Armor Fish

Family: Jellyfish – regenerating allies and blinding foes

Blue Jellyfish

Rainbow Jellyfish

Red Jellyfish

Family: Shark – fearing foe, striking multiple times


18 thoughts on “Ranger Pets Guide

  1. Thanks for the info. I didn’t really know what each of the pet families specialized in.

    • However the Salamander Drake wasnt in the Eternal Battlegrounds at the location Posted is there a timer on them? Do the regular NPCs need to be killed to get the Juveniles to spawn?

  2. There is a cave in the straights of devastation that has 6 juvenile pets, i made the rune to it at lvl 10 and only died 3 times and was level twelve at the end of it. Its in the southeast corner with a Vista in the cave. There are no hostiles in the actual cave, but you get to charm 6 pets.

  3. Well i have a question- how the other pet skills can be activated? or better how can i switch them? Or my pet use them automatically?

  4. The “Reef” drake needs to be added to the amphibious list, it came with the lost shores update.

  5. Is a nice app showing a tooltip style comparison of two/three pets so compare stats and personalities too much to ask? Me love you long time if you find one I can link back to my guild site.

  6. Suggested Updates for expansions onto the game would include more Aquatic pets and Amphibious pets, as well as a more Water-focused expansion onto the game?

    Amphibious Pets would include::

    Different types of Crabs (Hermit, Shell, and Lobster anyone?) Which would include Mid range Power, Low range Precision, High range Toughness, Mid-High ranged Vitality. Attacks would be a Basic attack, one that cripples the enemy(?), and one that causes Vulnerability in the enemy, and the [F2] ability would Block incoming attack (Hermit), Increases the toughness of allies (Shell) and Increases the Power of Allies (Lobster).

    Increase Shark Numbers (Hamerhead, Great White {Replaces the regular sharks?}, and Tigershark). Same as the current Shark, with the [F2] either being like the Pigs (all have the same), or have each effect a different Stat?


    Outside of increasing the number of pets, wouldn’t it be awesome if they made an Aquatic based dungeon and storyline for something? I don’t know, just thought it be cool.

    Just my 2 copper pieces.

    • Changing my Shark Idea.
      => Hammerhead:: [F2] Frenzy! – Increases Attack speed and causes Vulnerability with each attack.
      => Arctic White Shark:: [F2] Frenzy! – Increases Attack Speed and causes Chilled with each attack.
      => Murk Water Shark:: [F2] Frenzy! – Increases Attack Speed and causes Poison with each attack.
      => Ghost Shark:: [F2] Frenzy! – Increases Attack Speed and causes confusion with each attack.
      With what was given, the sharks that inflict higher damage abilities with each condition will have a much higher cooldown on their F2 then others (so that the Poison shark doesn’t outdo the Bleed shark, the Poison shark might take 2 times longer to recharge his poison ability.)

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