Caudecus’s Manor Guide Story Mode

Name: Caudecus’s Manor
Location: Queensdale (Shire of Beetletun)
Level Range: Story Mode 40+
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: Short

  1. Talk to Logan
  2. Talk to the party-goers and search for clues
    • Rumors Gathered
    • Confront Uzolan
  3. Defeat Uzolan’s Golem Prototype Golem
  4. Track the teleporter’s energy trail
    • Survive the Ambush
    • Find Uzolan
    • Separatist Stalkers killed : 0/3
    • Secret Passage
  5. Find the queen and the missing ambassadors
    • Wake Sigfast
    • Separists killed : 0/7
    • Free Mia Kindleshot
    • Separatists killed 1/11
    • Find Queen Jennah



Caudecus’s Manor dungeon is located in the NE corner of Queensdale (Shire of Beetletun).

1. Talk to Logan
2. Talk to the party-goers and search for clues

Talk to people in the yard (the ones with marks above their heads) and pick one of four given options in a dialog, it will slowly fill up Rumors Gathered bar.

  • Rumors Gathered
  • Confront Uzolan
3. Defeat Uzolan’s Golem Prototype Golem

Boss behavior : Melee boss with a couple of melee attacks like fist punch and AoE fire blast, and devastating range attacks like laser shots and rocket attacks.
Try to avoid his melee AoE fire blast whirlwind (stay out of his range when he starts to spin) and dodge ranged rocket attacks (or just hide behind the walls or use projectile reflection abilities). The rockets are fast, do high damage, and you never know where they are going to hit. Everything else is a tank and spank boss fight.

Track the teleporter’s energy trail

It’s a shiny trail you can see on the ground, it leads you to the other objectives in the instance.

Survive the Ambush

The Door Guard protects a room, defeat him and enter the room. The moment you enter the room, a group of approximately 5 to 7 mobs will attack you. One of your party members should enter the room and immediately goes back and pulls the mobs into a big room. You can much easier control and defeat the mobs in the large room and help your party members when the help is needed. It’s not hard to defeat them, since they don’t do high damage, but there are plenty of them and the fight demands proper dps focus from all party members.

There are stairs that lead to the basement right next to the chest. Once in the basement you’ll have to defeat Separatist Stalkers and find the Secret Passage. The Secret Passage opens when you interact with the pink button on the wall.

Find the queen and the missing ambassadors.

Wake Sigfast
Sigfast is surrounded by three separatists. The Fighter is regular mob while the Lieutenant and the Sergeant are ranged mobs. Separatist Sergeant makes more damage to moving target. When you defeat Separatists, Sigfast will wake up and open the door which leads you to the next instance objectives.

Free Mia Kindleshot
The next objective at this dungeon requires killing a few packs of mobs, some of them patrol along the way, and some of them, Separatist Snipers, are placed at the top of the hill and at the trees as well. Try to pull and defeat the patrols first while keeping the distance from Separatist Snipers, since they have long-range attacks. After that free Mia Kindleshot from the cage and she will lead you to the queen.

Find Queen Jennah
Before you can free the queen, you have to defeat Captain Delana and three separatists. Try to take down the separatists first, and then focus on Captain Delana. This is the last fight, but it’s a pretty easy one. Captain Delana is ranged boss with blindness skill.