Amphibious Pets

Amphibious pets can be used both on land or underwater. There are four different families of Amphibious pets in Guild Wars 2: Bears, Devourers, Drakes and Felines. They are pets with ranged or AoE attacks, with heavy damage skills and … Continue reading

Ranger Pets Guide

Ranger pets and their locations. Continue reading

Polar Bear Ranger Pet

Found in the frozen north, polar bears are adopted to survive in the hardest conditions on Tyria. The most durable of pets, they can shrug off painful blows and weaken foes with their chilling bite.   Polar Bear attributes (lvl … Continue reading

Murellow Ranger Pet

The elusive murellow’s body courses with poisons, giving it a sickly appearance and causing its hair to fall out. Despite its gaunt frame, it is fierce protector, spitting clouds of poison as it shrugs off attacks.   Murellow attributes (lvl … Continue reading

Black Bear Ranger Pet

Black bear are territorial and private animals, but they form strong bounds with their friends and selflessly intervene when their friends threatened. Despite their fearsome appearance they primarily eat berries, fruit and fish.   Black Bear attributes (lvl 80) Appearance … Continue reading

Arctodus Ranger Pet

The arctodus is s mighty snow wolf-bear. Its wolf side gives it a strong pack mentality that makes it very protective of its companions. It can roar with arctic might, chilling opponents to the core and making it harder for … Continue reading