Terrestrial Pets

Terrestrial pets can only be used on land. There are five different families of Terrestrial pets in Guild Wars 2: Birds, Boars, Canines, Moas and Spiders. Their unique skills can increase movement speed, knock your enemies down, immobilize or poison … Continue reading

Ranger Pets Guide

Ranger pets and their locations. Continue reading

Pig Ranger Pet

This pig is one of the rarest, most exotic pets in all of Tyria. As you walk the land with this pig by your side, people will stare in wonder at the mysterious creature they have never seen before. Truly, … Continue reading

Boar Ranger Pet

This boar is a tough, strong fighter with wicked tusks. It’s difficult for foes to stay on their feet against his charges. Though polite society may not appreciate his charms, a boar can be a ranger’s best friend.   Boar … Continue reading

Siamoth Ranger Pet

Though it may look bizarre, this tapir is a good-nature creature and an amiable companion. Its unassuming appearance hides ferocious side, though, and siamoths are known for sending their opponents flying with a well-placed charge.   Siamoth attributes (lvl 80) … Continue reading

Warthog Ranger Pet

This warthog is an ornery, tough creature that will never back down from a fight. Many foes have underestimated him, only to be undone by his tusks and powerful charge attacks.   Warthog attributes (lvl 80) Appearance Location Power 1,524 … Continue reading