Inglewood Sapling Map Locations

Name: Inglewood Sapling Location: Iron Marches (50-60), Fireheart Rise (60-70) Gathering type: Tree Items gathered: Hard Wood Log Rarity: Normal Requires: Darksteel Logging Axe Back to list of all crafting materials »         Locations:

Variegated Taproots Map Locations

Name: Variegated Taproots Location: Blazeridge Steppes (40-50), Dredgehaunt Cliffs (40-50), Bloodtide Coast (45-55), Sparkfly Fen (55-65), Iron Marches (50-60), Timberline Falls (50-60) Gathering type: Vegetables Items gathered: Carrot, Turnip Rarity: Normal Requires: Darksteel Harvesting Sickle or greater to harvest. Back … Continue reading

Varied Mushrooms Map Locations

Name: Varied Mushrooms Location: Lornar’s Pass (25-40), Harathi Hinterlands (35-45), Blazeridge Steppes (40-50), Dredgehaunt Cliffs (40-50) Gathering type: Vegetables Items gathered: Mushrooms Rarity: Normal Back to list of all crafting materials »     Locations:

Gendarran Fields Crafting Material Locations

Gendarran Fields is a mid-level area 25-33 north of Lion’s Arch.  

Kessex Hills Crafting Material Locations

Kessex Hills is a low level zone 15-25 in Kryta. It is directly south of Queensdale.  

Guild Wars 2 Crafting Material Locations

Unlike many others MMORPGs, you will be able to collect gatherables in Guild Wars 2 as soon as you start your journey. GW2 gathering skills are not specific to your profession. You can gather whatever you like if you have … Continue reading