Guild Wars 2 Hall of Monuments Achievements

Hall of Monuments is a part of regular achievements which are non-repeatable, long-term objectives, earned by filling your Hall of Monuments in the Guild Wars 1. Name Acquisition Traveler You follow the tradition of a long line of heroes. 5 … Continue reading

Guild Wars 2 Daily Achievements

Daily achievements are short, easily-completed goals that that reset each day. Completing all tiers of all daily achievements awards extra experience, coins, Mystic coins, Jug of Liquid Karma, one laurel and appropriate amount of achievement points. There is as well … Continue reading

Guild Wars 2 Monthly Achievements

Monthly achievements are long goals with varied objectives. These achievements vary from month to month. Completing all tiers of all monthly achievements awards Mystic Coins, 3% extra experience, Jugs of Liquid Karma, Coins based on character level and 10 Laurels. … Continue reading