Aquatic Pets

Aquatic pets can only be used underwater. There are three different families of Aquatic pets in Guild Wars 2: Armor Fish, Jellyfish, Sharks. Their unique skills can stun, fear or blind your enemies.   Aquatic Pets   Family: Armor Fish … Continue reading

Ranger Pets Guide

Ranger pets and their locations. Continue reading

Rainbow Jellyfish Ranger Pet

To obtain the rainbow jellyfish, the player must have earned at least 20 points in the Hall of Monuments.   Rainbow Jellyfish attributes (lvl 80) Appearance Power 1,524 Precision 1,524 Toughness 1,524 Vitality 2,898 KEY FACTS Type Aquatic pet Family … Continue reading

Blue Jellyfish Ranfer Pets

Jellyfish can release a variety of clouds in the water to replenish themselves and disorient their enemies. Blue jellyfish can also chill foes with the ends of their tentacles.   Blue Jellyfish attributes (lvl 80) Appearance Location Power 1,524 Precision … Continue reading